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Carefully Crafting our MalibuGift Coffee Blends

The Coffee Culture is an undeniably large part of life in Southern California. There are so many coffee shops in Los Angeles, each offering their own unique experience on the beverage.  At MalibuGift we wanted to offer our own version of Coffee Bean blends that are inspired by Malibu mornings, Malibu’s gourmet treat pairings, and the need to “Wakey Wakey” all the time. We crafted three different Malibu Coffee Blends that each work back to these inspirational moments.  These gourmet blends of whole beans make amazing “Gifts to Give” and better yet, to enjoy yourself 😉 

Southern California Coffee Blend

With our SoCal blend, we at Malibu Gift wanted to capture the sense of a Southern California morning in a cup of coffee. The sunlight reflecting on the water and the beautiful mountains in the distance are all part of what a SoCal morning is about, right?   Of course, it’s very hard to genuinely capture these abstract ideas in coffee, but we were inspired to give it a try. Los Angeles is a place with countless different cultures converging together in an unparalleled showcase of diversity. This is why we have blended coffee flavors from all over the word in our SoCal blend.  African, Asian, Central American, and South American coffees are all brought together to create a unique blend with a hint of cocoa flavor.

Malibu Coffee Blends

Euro Coffee Blend

Honoring the varied European traditions of coffee making, we have developed our Euro blend to work equally well when taken dark or with cream…gotta have cream if you add anything!  We have blended our roasted beans from such remote places as Sumatra, Ethiopia, Colombia and Nicaragua. By combining these coffee blends we have created a seemingly European roast that’s rich in flavor and non-bitter in finish. We challenge you not to ask for a second cup!

Americas Coffee Blend

By combining unique levels of the best coffee beans from Mexico, Colombia, and Nicaragua, we at Malibu Gift have developed a coffee bean blend that suprases the best of the Americas’ coffee giants.  This blend includes unique levels of Nicaraguan coffee which is well known for having a complex yet well-balanced flavor. Over 95% of their coffee cultivation in Nicaragua is considered organically grown, and their industry produces some of the largest coffee beans in the world.  Mexican coffee also sports almost entirely organically grown coffee, enjoying the long withstanding traditions of indigenous farming. Their coffee beans have a delicate, sweet, and slightly acidic flavor. Meanwhile, Colombian coffee is commonly referred to as the best in the world. Their coffee’s fruity, citrusy, and slightly nutty flavor is a result of the ideal Andean environment. These three unique levels of coffee beans converge in our MalibuGift coffee blends…Wakey Wakey

Enjoy Our MalibuGift Coffee Blends

Our MalibuGift coffee blends are all readily available on our online platform.  We have developed unique blends in order to be able to cater to a wide array of tastes and preferences.  Send to yourself or better yet, give a “Gift to Give” for any occasion, friend, family member, or client.   

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