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Malibu Coffee Blends to Start the Day Off Right

The mere thought of getting up and going to work without coffee is probably enough to make most people possibly cringe, shudder, or go drink more coffee. For so many of us, coffee in the morning is vital. It’s a necessary start to the day so that we can tackle that which lays before us. The quality of the coffee is obviously important. Drinking just any kind of coffee may give you a caffeine boost for a moment, but it could be the opposite of a pleasurable experience. We have the kind of Malibu coffee blends that can get a day off to a great start. 

Malibu Coffee Blends: Inspired by Malibu Beach 

There’s nothing like waking up and looking over Malibu Beach in the morning. With just one glimpse, you’ll realize why people the world over fantasize about spending time in Malibu. Our coffee blends are meant to evoke that image: of endless beaches, high, warm sun, and bright blue ocean that you can see for miles. We may not be able to pack all of those into a gift box and send it to you, but with our coffee blends, we can offer you the closest thing. 

 Malibu coffee blends

Euro Blend 

While our other blends are inspired by the beaches of Malibu, our Euro Blend is something else entirely. This blend contains single-origin beans from Sumatra, Ethiopia, Nicaragua, and Colombia. As you might imagine, this coffee packs a full flavor indeed. But unlike other full flavor coffees, you’ll never have to worry about it having a bitter finish. Many of our customers love this coffee as an espresso, but you can combine it with milk or your favorite creamer and have a luxurious start to your morning, pick me up in the middle of the afternoon, or any other time. 

SoCal and The Americas Blends: Based on Experience 

Before we offered our coffee blends, we drank, as you might imagine, a lot of coffee. But, and this is important, we didn’t just drink coffee from the United States. No, we made sure that we explored coffee shops all over the world, many of which were more than a hundred years old. Traveling through Thailand, China, Japan, and more, we came back to America with a clear idea of what we wanted our coffee blends to be. You can taste it in every cup.  

Coffee Gifts

We design products that can be used together. Sure, there are customers who just purchase coffee, but if you’re looking for a gift for someone in your life, you can’t go wrong with our gift boxes, such as the Malibu Treat gift box or the Malibu Local. These boxes give you all of the coffee that your receiver could want, yes, but they’ll also be able to partake of our Malibu Truffles, Caramel Popcorn, Espresso cups, and more. With these gifts, you really can give someone in your life the spirit of Malibu. To see all that we have to offer, you can head to our site. 

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