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Luxurious High-End Gourmet Food Gifts

Malibu Gift offers a carefully curated and delicious catalog of high-end gourmet food gifts and accessories that are perfect for any occasion. We carry a wide range of luxurious candies, chocolates, english toffee, chocolate creams, cookies, gourmet coffee beans and more—all sourced from our favorite location,  Malibu California. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, enjoying a wedding anniversary, or gifting a client you’ll find something wonderful in one of our luxury food categories.  If you prefer, curate your own luxurious gourmet treat gift box by clicking on our Customized Gift Boxes option.

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In our experience, some of the most reliable and thoughtful gifts to give are luxurious high-end gourmet food gifts. They don’t have to be expensive.  MalibuGift offers casually luxurious Gourmet Treat Gift Boxes for any occasion.  Who wouldn’t like to live in luxury eating gourmet chocolate or candy gifts for their birthday, anniversary, or even a graduation? We carefully curate our gift boxes to ensure we offer many options that play into the tastes and indulgences of whomever is lucky enough to receive them. Browse through our Gourmet Chocolate, Gourmet Cookies, and Coffee categories to find a luxury food gift box for that special person in your life!

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