Last Minute Client Gifts for the Holidays

manager 12/02/20
last minute client gifts for 2020 from Malibu Gift

2020. The year of surprises; and not many good ones. It seems everywhere you turn there’s a story of struggle, loss, worry, and fear. Yet in the midst of it all, we’re all finding ways to cling to shreds of light that remain in the darkness. Stories of philanthropy, neighbors helping neighbors, and kindness that…

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The Best Gourmet Vegan Gifts Come From Malibu Gift

Malibu Gift 11/30/20
vegan dark chocolate truffles

Vegan diets are becoming more and more popular over the years. This is great for the environment, but when it comes to gourmet food gift-giving, it’s not so easy to find delicious vegan treats for your friends and family. This holiday season, as you’re preparing your dessert spread, head over to Malibu Gift’s website for…

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Create a Beautiful Thanksgiving Dessert Spread with Malibu Gift

Malibu Gift 11/03/20
Dark Chocolate Truffles

At Malibu Gift, we’re not just known for the incredible flavors of our decadent treats, but also the intricate and aesthetically pleasing looks of our dark chocolate truffles, cookie sandwiches, and even our pet treats. Thanksgiving is just around the corner and we’re excited to help you put out a casually luxurious spread for your…

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Malibu Gourmet Food Gifts to Wish Your Loved Ones a Speedy Recovery

Malibu Gift 10/23/20
malibu gift gourmet food

If there is anything worse than getting sick, it’s getting sick at this particular moment in time. Adding to the general stress of being sick in the first place is the stress and anxiety of caring for yourself or a loved one at a time where the last thing anybody wants is to get sick….

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