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Customized Gift Boxes

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  • English Toffee Sticks

  • Dark Chocolate Creams GiftboxGourmet Chocolate

    Dark Chocolate Cream Candies

  • Browned Butter CookieGourmet Cookies

    Sea Salt Browned Butter Cookies

  • SoCal Blend Coffee Beans by MalibuGift

  • Chocolate Covered Cherrieschocolate covered cherries

    Gourmet Milk Chocolate Covered Cherries

  • Gourmet Cookie TinGourmet Cookies

    Brookie Cookies Gift Box

  • Caramel ChewsSea Salt Caramel Chews

    Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel Chews

  • Gourmet Cookie Tin

    Chocolate Chip Cookie Gift Box

  • Malibu’s Whale Wine Pourer and Aerator


    Malibu’s Vegan Caramel Gourmet Popcorn Tin and Gift Box

  • Malibu’s Roasted Pistachios

  • soy wax candles

    Malibu’s Soy Wax Candle Set

  • Gourmet ChocolateGourmet Chocolate

    Gourmet English Toffee Squares

  • Malibu’s Roasted Cashews


    Malibu’s Classic Caramel Gourmet Popcorn Tin & Gift Box

  • sympathy scents

    Neroli Cedar Clear Reed Diffuser


You pick it.  We pack it!  Be creative and curate Customized Gift Boxes filled with Malibu’s Luxury Chocolate Truffles, English Toffee, Chocolate Covered Cherries,  or some of our other luxurious gourmet treats.  A Customized Gift Box curated by you is the perfect Gift Box for a special Birthday, Anniversary, Thank You, Encouragement, Get Well, Missing You, or really ANY occasion. A surprise Customized Gift Box would make a great gift for your best Business Customers and Clients too. Give a Gift of Luxury Food Gift Boxes from

Select 3-5 luxurious gourmet ideas from our item assortments of Dark Chocolate Truffles, Gourmet Cookies, Roasted Coffee Beans, and our casually luxurious Wine Accessories and Sustainable Gifts. All you need to do is click on the Customized Gift Box tab, check the boxes next to the Gifts you’d like to Give, and add to your cart at the bottom of the page. Send a personalized message in your curated Gift Box on a beautiful, picturesque card.  We will pack your personally curated gift box with our casually luxurious style in our sustainable packaging that will impress when it arrives.

Custom Chocolate Gift Boxes

Custom chocolate gift boxes are the perfect way to delight your friends and family with a decadent treat. These boxes can be tailored to suit any taste, making them the ideal gift for any chocolate lover. Some popular custom chocolate gift box choices include truffles, toffee sticks, and chocolate-covered smores. Truffles are smooth and creamy balls of chocolate that melt in your mouth, while toffee sticks offer a crunchy and sweet treat. Chocolate covered smores, on the other hand, are a nostalgic favorite that combines the classic flavors of graham crackers, marshmallows, and melted chocolate. Whether you prefer dark, milk, or white chocolate, custom chocolate gift boxes offer something for everyone.

Custom Chocolate Business Gift Boxes

Custom chocolate business gift boxes are a thoughtful and delicious way to show appreciation to clients and employees. These boxes can be personalized with a message, making them a great gift and a sweet treat. When it comes to custom chocolate corporate gifts, the possibilities are endless. From chocolate covered cherries to English toffee sticks, the options are vast. Gift boxes for clients are an excellent way to build relationships and show your appreciation for their business. A beautifully packaged box of premium chocolates is a sure way to leave a lasting impression on your clients, making them feel valued and appreciated. Whether you’re looking to reward employees, thank a client, or celebrate a special occasion, custom chocolate business gift boxes are a perfect choice.


Is there a limit on items per gift box?

No, there is no limit to how many items you can have in the gift boxes.

How far out can you order?

For large client gifting orders or planned gifting celebrations, we will take orders up to 3 months prior with a small deposit.  We accept files with names & addresses that make it easy to order and deliver.  Typically, 5 to 7 days prior to your event is always best to ensure USPS Priority delivers on time.

Can you customize the packaging for the gift box?

Our packaging is standard to MalibuGift.  We have figured out how to pack & deliver our gourmet chocolate gifts through Priority Mail that celebrates our sense of Malibu’s casually luxurious quality & style.  You can customize your gift message and we will print it on the back of one of our beautifully scenic Malibu postcards.

Can you customize the packaging of gift boxes with business logos and messages?

We have customized both our candy boxes & shipping boxes with client-developed and in-house development of Branded Stickers.  For instance, our Clients in Real Estate gift their agents as a “thank you” with these types of Branded elements on our Gourmet Chocolate Candy Boxes.

How long does it take to pack and ship an order?

1-2 days for a typical online order.

Are there any items not included in the custom gift boxes?

 No. Just click on our customized link located at the top of the site.  All single items that we offer in our gifts boxes and more are listed there for you to choose from and curate your own gift box.