Sea Salt Browned Butter Cookie

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Our Gift Box contains 8 delicious Sea Salt Browned Butter Cookie treats.  Malibu’s Sea Salt  Browned Butter Cookie is our version of a shortbread cookie but better.   We gently brown the butter to bring out the flavor and combine it with brown sugar and vanilla.  After hand rolling each cookie, which makes them dense, flakey, and perfect for coffee dipping,  we top them with a pinch of sea salt.  Remember your favorite Short Bread?  Now, imagine how amazing a little browned butter and sea salt in these cookies would be!!

MalibuGift’s Gourmet Cookies are a world-renowned gift idea because they’re just so tasty.   When you take the time to turn ordinary cookies into gourmet cookie gifts, you’re working on a whole new level of appreciation from your giftee.  Each of our gift Boxes have a theme and is filled with all manner of sweet cookie treats.  We have a wide assortment  to ensure there’s something for everyone, especially those who may be particular about what kind of cookie they enjoy.  Our gourmet cookie gifts are great because, deep down, they’re a gift that isn’t going to last but is still eternally appreciated.

MalibuGift takes the stress out of finding the perfect gift box so that you can focus on finding exactly what you’re looking for to send to your special person and show them your love.  Find a gourmet food gift box for every occasion!


Flour, butter, brown sugar, vanilla, sea salt, baking soda.  Shares equipment with products containing peanuts, tree nuts, egg, soy, milk products, and wheat

1 review for Sea Salt Browned Butter Cookie

  1. Baby’s Momma

    Never knew I loved browned butter cookies because I’ve never had them. Always knew I loved butter cookies or shortbread. These have almost a dense caramel and sea salt taste. They’re amazing!

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