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Gift Giving Science: “No Such Thing as a Bad Gift”

When you give a gift, you want to give the perfect gift. Sure, there are higher stakes when you’re giving a gift to your partner or your child than when you’re giving something to your postal worker over the holidays. Whenever you are gifting, everyone wants to be good at it! The last thing anyone wants, when giving a gift, is to give the dreaded “bad” gift. Although, while there will always be gifts that are better than others, scientists have shown that the odds of you giving a “bad” gift are exceedingly rare. 

perfect gift

The Truth About “Bad” Gifts

Jeff Galak, an associate professor of marketing at Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Mellon University interviewed thousands of people about gifts they received. People brought up “bad” gifts almost never.  When they did bring up gifts that were considered “sub-par,” there was minimal disappointment because the gifter was considered to be thoughtful at the time of sending it. Make sense?  Think about the gifts in your life that you received, did not enjoy, but felt good about.  Your initial disappointment probably relates to a lack of understanding of the choice of gift.  Not much more.  

Remember: Some Gifts are Better than Others 

That said, there are gifts that are going to be more beloved than others. There will be gifts that are more appropriate than others. The science shows that if a person feels like someone really put a lot of effort and thought into a gift, they’ll be more likely to appreciate it no matter what the gift is. Consequently, the only true “bad” gift is one that’s given thoughtlessly with no real consideration behind it.  Who does that?  

It’s Better to Have Given Than to Have Never Given at All 

MalibuGift is here to help all your gifting needs.  Don’t miss an occasion and send something that’s luxurious and special.  Try sending a gourmet treat as your Gift to Give.  Send a gift to “them or yourself”.  You’re special too 😉

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