MalibuGift’s Gourmet Dume Coffee Beans

Malibu Gift 06/26/20
gourmet dume coffee beans

Coffee is such an integral part of our lives that it’s hard to imagine going without it. Our Gourmet Dume Coffee Beans roasted locally in Malibu have been crafted with that same passion in mind. Our blends are perfect for a wide array of occasions and coastal coffee habits. The So Cal Blend is our…

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Carefully Crafting our MalibuGift Coffee Blends

Malibu Gift 03/30/20
Malibu Coffee Blends

The Coffee Culture is an undeniably large part of life in Southern California. There are so many coffee shops in Los Angeles, each offering their own unique experience on the beverage.  At MalibuGift we wanted to offer our own version of Coffee Bean blends that are inspired by Malibu mornings, Malibu’s gourmet treat pairings, and…

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Vegan Gourmet Popcorn: Living Healthy and Deliciously

Malibu Gift 02/24/20
vegan gourmet popcorn

“Vegan” foods can get something of a bad rap. Just because something’s “vegan,” that doesn’t mean that it has to be lacking in taste. By that same token, should someone decide that a vegan lifestyle is right for them or their family, that doesn’t mean that they should be precluded from enjoying delicious snacks and…

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