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Coffee Bean Gift Box and Other Pick Me Up Gifts During Quarantine

Have you been searching for the right gifts to give someone during the quarantine? Do you know someone in your life that could use a pick me up but aren’t sure what to give them? It’s not always easy to buy for folks. That’s especially true during an uncertain time. The best course of action is to give them something from the heart. Something they’ll appreciate coming from you that they’ll be able to use and enjoy – that’s the sweet spot. We have many gifts to fit the bill, such as a coffee bean gift box, and more. 

coffee bean gift box

What a Coffee Bean Gift Box Can Do 

For many adults, coffee is how the day starts. Before work, school, or even just a weekend day with nothing on the schedule, caffeine lets someone know that the day has begun. After lunch, before dinner, even at night when something has to get done right now – coffee and caffeine can help. When you give someone the gift of coffee, you give them a great morning, an afternoon, and so much more. It’s a pick me up in every sense of the phrase: something to boost your mood and your energy. 

Many Different Coffees to Choose From 

That said, coffee is about more than just caffeine. It about tastes too. That’s why we only offer the highest quality coffees. For example, many folks prefer dark coffee. Rich, robust, smokey – they want a bold coffee experience. That’s exactly what our Americas Blend coffee is. For a full-body flavor, our Euro Blend fits the bill. Smooth, rich, and sweet, it makes for a blissful cappuccino, espresso, and more. Our SoCal Blend kicks in a hint of chocolate, for just a bit more sweetness in your coffee. 

A Gift Box of More than Just Coffee 

Our coffee, great as it is, is not a gift box all by itself. We combine our coffees with other products so that you can give gift boxes with gifts that will continue to give for a long time to come. For example, our Malibu Local gift box comes with dark chocolate espresso truffles, two zip code etched wine glasses, and two stainless steel collectible espresso cups in addition to an eight out bag of coffee. The Malibu Treat gift box combines cherry truffles and caramel popcorn with a bag of our Dume Coffee. 

Gifts for People Who Don’t Drink Coffee Too 

We know that there are people who don’t drink coffee (hard as that may be to believe). That’s just one of the reasons that we make it possible for you to create your own gift packages. You can choose what goes inside it so that you can give gifts that the people in your life will love the most. From co-workers to clients, family members to friends, and just about anyone else in your life, we have the kinds of gifts that can lift anyone’s spirits. To see what we offer, head to our site. 



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