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Halloween at Home. The Best Halloween Ideas for 2020 ????

Halloween Cancelled or Halloween at Home?

Halloween this year falls on the 31st like it does every year, but there are going to be some changes because of COVID-19; like having Halloween at home, as you’ve probably assumed. 

But, that does not have to put a damper on your spookfest! 

Still, we know it’s hard to stay positive because of all the changes that will undoubtedly mean a very different kind of Halloween this year, but as it is with anything… it’s all about what you make of it! 

We’re here to help you deal with the adjustment so that you can turn that frown upside down and have a fright fest you’ll love, with these supernaturally great ideas for Halloween at home in 2020.

Depending on where you live, and the laws and local codes that apply there, you likely won’t be able to go trick-or-treating in 2020. In fact, most large events like haunted houses and amusement park festivities will have been cancelled to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. Like Southern California’s infamous Knott’s Scary Farm, which has been terrifying park goers every year since 1973, grimly announced that their world renowned haunted mazes and attractions won’t be back until 2021.  

While all these closures are frightfully disappointing, it doesn’t mean your Halloween has to be dull. On the contrary, there are actually a lot of creative things you can do to make the most out of your Halloween at home. 

So, if you’ve been thinking that Halloween 2020 is cancelled, don’t,  because it is not! 

Here are some things you can do to stay in the spirit of Halloween at home. 

If you are spending Halloween at home in 2020, you’re going to need to think outside of the box. Think about what decorations would make you and your family feel the most festive and… get them! Whether you vye for a spooking haunted house, fall harvest festival, or any other Halloween scene of choice, creating a sense of normalcy, while setting the stage for festivities, is a critically important first step. 

Taking the time to decorate will help you get into the Halloween spirit and keep you excited all of the days leading up to the occasion! How’s that for turning the tide on COVID and enjoying an extended Halloween instead of a cancelled one? 

An essential stop for Halloween decor that people often overlook is Michael’s, the art store.  Rather than supplying you with the generic ghosts and ghouls you’ll find at the average party supply store, Michael’s offers anything you can think of from artificial pumpkins, to all the goods necessary to build and stuff a scarecrow. Not to mention they have a ton of DIY Halloween projects that you can create together with your friends and family. And just like that, your decorating fun can turn into the morale booster that you and your inner circle need. Not to mention, going the extra mile to decorate your quarantine space will also return more of the priceless, long-lasting, one-of-a-kind memories that only 2020 can bring. 

Add “find new music” to your list of ideas for Halloween at home.

Alright, you’ve built a positively perfect haunt that brings horror and happiness to everyone. Now what? 

Time for the music of course! When else will there be an excuse to check out the horrific sounds of artists like, Goblin, an industrial band from the 80’s that you can listen to for free on YouTube. Originally popular for being the background music that made your skin crawl while watching your favorite sci-fi and horror films; Goblin has some spectacularly spooky songs. 

We especially recommend the Suspiria soundtrack, for an incomparably chilling ambiance you won’t achieve any other way. Dare your friends to listen to Goblin in a dark room by themselves, or use it to keep the vibes ominous at your small gathering. For those who go big or go home, we recommend something simple and effective like a fog machine, black lights, and spider webs to surround yourself. Then drink bubbly dry iced beverages and munch on something crunchy from our candy shop

Experience Dia De Los Muertos for family focused fun.

Who didn’t watch and fall in love with Disney’s animated film, Coco? If you haven’t seen it, step one – watch it with some Malibu Gift Gourmet Popcorn. Then, consider celebrating your Halloween by learning all about Dia de Los Muertos and decorating your home according to the occasion’s traditions

Dia de Los Muertos is a celebration that coincides with the Halloween season, occurring just two days later on November 2nd. It is a Mexican celebration, which translates to, “Day of the Dead”. 

Traditionally, the Dia de Los Muertos holiday is believed to be a day when families can welcome back the souls of their departed relatives to enjoy a one night fiesta where all can eat, drink, and be merry. 

The decorations are similar to traditional Halloween decorations in their use of things like skulls, but will be wrapped in the artwork, colors, and designs of the Mexican people. 

Today, Dia de Los Muertos art is so widely used in popular culture, particularly the Dia de Los Muertos skulls, known as sugar skulls, that many do not realize that these icons represent a holiday that was created to honor and remember family. Making Dia de Los Muertos a perfect tradition to learn more about while we’re spending Halloween at home this year. 

And, yes! We definitely recommend you grab some popcorn and have a movie night with Coco for the coziest of Halloweens at home.

Kids’ activities that will make them want to spend Halloween at home.

Finally, if you have little ones, you can help them enjoy Halloween at home by swapping out trick-or-treating for making-and-eating. 

We know you’re probably tired of being the family’s entertainment but, take this time to do what all teachers do and have them learn about things you’d like to know more about too. Depending on the age of your kids, get them involved in the history of Halloween. Challenge them to find a favorite tradition that they’d like to bring back to life. 

The future will be full of twists, turns, and disappointments. Halloween at home is a great way to teach kids resilience, adaptability, and how to keep a right perspective in all situations. 

Think-outside-the-box and use your Halloween at home time to learn about why we do the things we do, while creating new traditions to look forward to. 

Be excited about your activities! Have your kids draw or paint what Halloween means to them after you’re all done with your research and storytelling.  Then, post up their drawings of their individual interpretations somewhere they can be proud to see it. 

When everyone is feeling festive, show them what a great Halloween at home in 2020 looks like by reading scary stories to ambient music, or watch age-appropriate scary movies with them, like Goosebumps, or Monster House

And, if you don’t want to forego the Halloween at home sweets completely, here are more than 80 spooktacular treats that Country Living promises are frightfully easy to make. Or, have some best in class goodies and gifts shipped right to your door.    

The best games to play on Halloween. 

There are bound to be events and activities that you can participate in with others. And, parents in your area who are planning to preserve the Halloween pageantry. But, we don’t recommend joining in. 

This is a year to do things differently and enjoy the simpler things in life for a change. Bring your tribe closer together by spending Halloween at home and playing some of these games. 

The Toilet Paper Mummy (Fun for All Ages)

Be honest. Who doesn’t have toilet paper to spare? Grab a couple of rolls and get to mummy wrapping! 

Simple and easy. Just split yourselves into teams of 2-3, with 1 person being your mummy and the other 1-2 being the mummy dressers. On your mark, get set, go! Whoever finishes their roll of paper first and has covered their mummy from head to toe, wins!

Pumpkin Patch Stomp (Kid Favorite!)

The best Halloween games for kids involve a little competition and a whole lot of suspense. Which is why the Pumpkin Patch Stomp is a total kid pleaser. To get started, grab some 12 inch orange and black balloons. Before blowing them up, fill them with different tricks and treats; like paper money, or squish-proof candy. Let the games begin and whoever pops the most balloons wins an ultimate prize! Alternatively, you can split your contenders into teams and assign a color to each team. The team to pop all of their balloons first, wins the ultimate prize! 

The Hideaway Game (Recommended for Teens and Up)

Everyone has played hide-and-go-seek but, The Hideaway, is for those who’d prefer their traditions with a terrifying twist. Step 1: turn off all of the lights. No phone lights allowed! Use your preferred pick method to decide who’s going to be “it”. In this game, the one who is “it”, hides. 

Everyone counts to 100, or the amount of time you decide. The person who is “it” has that amount of time to hide themselves. When the time is up, the hunt begins! All of the lights stay off and everyone remaining begins to look for the person hiding. But, when you find them, instead of calling out “found them!” – you quietly hide with them. The game continues until all players are hidden, except one.  

Now are you ready for Halloween at home?

As you can read, the great thing about this Halloween (if you choose to see it) is that Halloween at home in 2020 is actually forcing us all to be a lot more creative, which means we’re set up to have a lot more fun; especially doing things we’d normally never do. 

Consider this; what have you done the past five Halloweens? Probably the same thing, right? What’s special about this Halloween is that it’s 2020’s Halloween. And, nothing has been normal this year. 

Challenge yourself to think outside of the box and get together with your friends, family, and members of the community to put your minds together and think about what you can do to make the most out of Halloween at home this year. After all, we’ve just given you a lot of great ideas to start with! 

We hope you’ve enjoyed these eerie and enchanting suggestions for a hair-raising Halloween at home.  

Our Halloween is DEFINITELY not cancelled! And, that’s not an apparition. These ghostly delights await you in our petrifyingly good Malibu Gift shop.

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