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Luxury Candy: What Makes It Luxury & Is It Worth the Cost?

There’s a marked difference between grocery-store sweets and gourmet candy. What is that difference, though? What’s so luxurious about gourmet treats?

When you browse for high-end sweets to gift to your loved ones, you may be confused at that jump in price. You may think, “Why pay $40 for a box of chocolates when I can pick up a similar box at the supermarket for half the price?” Let’s answer that question. What makes luxury candy luxury—and is it worth the cost?

Superior Taste

It really is better. High-end chocolates and candies taste much more pleasant than their cheaper counterparts. Chocolates melt more easily in your mouth and candy flavorings really pop. That superior taste in Malibu Gift’s candy gifts boils down to the quality and uniqueness of the ingredients the confectioners use.

High-End Ingredients

Chocolatiers and confectioners who make luxury candy gifts are notoriously picky about the ingredients they use. Hard candies and gummies may have actual fruit juice in them instead of artificial flavoring. Plus, chocolate sourcing has been a hot topic in the candy community in recent years. Luxury chocolatiers are more likely to use ethically sourced ingredients harvested by workers who are paid fairly and treated well. As a result, ethical chocolate is more expensive.

Smaller Batches

The candies you might pick up at a grocery store are made in bulk, in a factory that processes dozens of other foodstuffs. Gourmet candies are made in smaller batches, often by hand, so they’re not putting out as much product as big factories. The laws of supply and demand dictate that the fewer luxury candy gifts that are on the market, the more costly they will be.

Skilled Craftsmanship

Related to the above, a great deal of gourmet small-batch candy is made by hand. Human beings, not machines, craft each piece. When you pay a little extra for luxury candy, you’re also paying for the chocolatier or confectioner’s years of skill. Candy-making requires extra years of education and plenty of practice, and that extra practice pays off with each delectable bite.

Whether you’re shopping for holiday gifts or a little indulgence for yourself, pick up a package of gourmet chocolate or candy. The higher price tag translates to higher-quality ingredients and dedicated craftsmanship, and it pays off in incredible taste. Now, when you shop for luxury candy, you’ll know what makes it luxury. Is it worth it? The answer is a resounding yes.

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