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Selecting the Perfect Gifts for Coffee Lovers

For the true coffee snob in your life, for the person who grinds their own beans and samples varieties from all around the world, why not feed their passion? Next time you’ve got a gift-giving opportunity on the calendar, surprise them with a fun mug or a bag of coffee beans they’ve never tried before. Add to their coffee-consuming arsenal with the help of Malibu Gift’s delicious beans and gourmet coffee accessories for every sensibility. Even if you’re the coffee fanatic in the family, why not treat yourself to a new experience? Add these delights to your morning routine and learn to select the perfect gifts for coffee lovers, both for yourself and your loved ones.


To extract all the best flavors out of the bean, advances in technology have birthed all kinds of gadgets and doodads to improve the taste of your coffee. If you’ve got a coffee grinder on hand, take a quick look: do you see blades in there? Blade coffee grinders are great for the novice coffee snob, but for the real aficionado, look for a burr grinder. Burr coffee grinders mince the beans into identically sized pieces, while blade grinders chop them up into various sizes.

For the budding barista, pull out all the stops with a high-quality espresso machine. You can even grab one with a built-in grinder. They’ll pull the perfect shot—and look no further than Malibu Gift for gorgeous little espresso shot glasses. We’ve got gourmet coffee accessories for every style. Talk about shaking up your morning routine! Boost their energy right away for a perked-up start to the day. If they’re a cappuccino lover, add a milk frother to their coffee station to ensure the perfect foam every time.

Beans, Beans, Beans

Where does your loved one usually shop for their coffee beans? Many coffee shops sell bags of their beans; if you go on a trip or visit a new shop, pick up a souvenir of your time there. Pay attention to your friend or family member’s choice of beans; do they like Central American or European varieties? Colombian or Swiss? Malibu Gift offers all kinds of bean blends for every sensibility. Pick up a gift box with pre-selected beans, or make your own gift basket with bags of beans you know they’ll love.

If they’re the coffee snob who thinks they’ve got everything, surprise their taste buds with samples from all over the world. Grab smaller bags of beans from places they’ve never been. Buy whole coffee beans when you can, so your loved one can grind them themselves.

When choosing between arabica and robusta coffee, think about why your loved one drinks coffee. Are they a fiend for caffeine? Robusta is grown at higher elevations and has a higher caffeine content. Do they savor the aromas and flavors? 100 percent arabica coffee is more flavorful, and it’s easier to tell the difference between, say, Hawaiian and Ethiopian varieties. Many coffee blends will have a combination of arabica and robusta beans, but if you’re going for single-origin beans (that is, all from one specific place), go with arabica.

Coffee Lovers’ Merch

Sure, you can pick up a mug or a t-shirt with a “Don’t talk to me until I’ve had my coffee” slogan. But how many of those does your loved one already have? Get unconventional with it and grab them a pair of house slippers festooned with coffee mugs. Pajamas and pillows with a coffee-bean print are unexpected and fun.

Decorate their kitchen with coffee-themed art. Look online at independent artists’ shops. Plenty of artists create beautiful prints of coffee mugs, infographics about different bean blends, and the gentle swirl of steam that rises from a hot cup of joe. Turn their coffee station into their favorite part of the house.

If coffee is an integral part of your friend or family member’s life, add it to other bits of their routine. Coffee-based face masks and body scrubs have that invigorating smell, and the caffeine reduces swelling and extra redness; perfect for early mornings!

Accessories and Add-Ons

As we mentioned before, your loved one may already have several cheeky coffee mugs declaring their obsession. Why not get creative with your gifting? Many online shops and small businesses are run by part-time potters with a vast selection of hand-thrown mugs. Support a small business by picking up a unique, handmade mug with a shiny glaze in their favorite color. Your loved one will be proud to pour top-tier coffee into a little piece of art, and it’ll look smashing on the mug rack or kitchen counter.

Think about travel mugs, too. If your loved one commutes to work or spends most days out and about, treat them to an insulated, lidded travel mug. It’ll keep their beloved cup of joe from spilling or getting cold.

For the loved one whose coffee obsession is relatively new, start them off with a how-to book. There are plenty of guides out there to creating the perfect lattes, cappuccinos, and espresso shots. A sleek guide with plenty of tutorials and techniques will inspire their imagination. And if they’re up to date on the latest trends, they might want to try their hand at latte art! Pick up a little book of tips and tricks for drawing the perfect hearts, leaves, and kittens in their foam.

Finish off their coffee station in style with an old-fashioned canister for their beans and a quirky set of coasters to keep rings from forming on their counter. Coasters are another opportunity for you to support a small business and grab some one-of-a-kind options.

When you’ve got a loved one, whether a friend or family member, who can’t get through their day without their coffee fix, make it an enjoyable experience for them. Trick out their kitchen with the latest coffee-making technology, or gift them a superb bag of beans. Malibu Gift’s selection of gourmet coffee beans and accessories are sure to brighten their day from the very beginning. Even if they think they’ve got everything, prove them wrong with one of these delightful surprises. Selecting the perfect gifts for coffee lovers can take a little bit of time, but it’ll certainly pay off when you see those gadgets and accessories get years of use in their kitchen!

Selecting the Perfect Gifts for Coffee Lovers
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