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Top 3 Children’s Treats for the Holidays

This holiday season, bring endless grins to the kids’ faces with edible gifts they’re sure to love. Let Malibu Gift guide you to the perfect present.

For many kids, the winter holidays are the most amazing time of year. And you know they’re looking forward to the presents most of all! Indulge their sweet tooth this year with some scrumptious edible gift boxes, courtesy of Malibu Gift. You’ll find the top children’s treats for the holidays among our lavish selection.


No longer exclusive to the summer months, s’mores are sure to be a comforting treat for the holidays. Have fun with it and make them together! If you’re not in the mood to get messy, though, grab some gourmet offerings from Malibu Gift. Creamy chocolate, crunchy graham crackers, and marshmallowy goodness unite in our festive s’mores gifts that are sure to delight. This winter, make or give them an edible gift that will remind them of summer campfires. You don’t have to follow those arbitrary seasonal rules; it’s just plain silly not to treat yourself to a s’more in the off season.


What kid doesn’t love to tear into a nice, soft cookie? Chocolate chip is a go-to classic, but we’ve also got offerings for the gluten-free young ones. No matter what their preference is, we’ve got gourmet cookie gift boxes for everyone. When was the last time they had a frosted sandwich cookie? Expand their dessert horizons with our gourmet cookies. Even the grown-ups at the function will be eyeing those tins—pick up a couple more cookie gifts for the adults, and let your young one feast on their own.


You can dip any number of desserts, from fresh fruit to fresh s’mores, in luxurious chocolate. At Malibu Gift, we’ve dipped several of them for you! Chocolate is a crowd-pleasing gift for all seasons; you can’t go wrong with a box of yummy chocolate candies. Just make sure to let your young ones have that chocolate all to themselves. Get the grown-ups their own gourmet chocolates to dig into and enjoy.

This holiday season, give the kids in your life gifts they can play with—and gifts they can eat! Malibu Gift’s gourmet cookie gift boxes are sure to please folks of all ages. Treat your kiddo to a top-tier dessert experience with these top children’s treats for the holidays.

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