Client Gifts and the Art of Giving Them

Client Gifts and The Art of Giving to Build Meaningful, Lasting, and Profitable Relationships

Many businesses across all industries often ask themselves the same question- how can we get more clients? And not only that- but how can we satisfy and retain the clients that we currently have? The reality is that abundance attracts abundance. This may seem paradoxical, but it’s a little bit like applying for a loan or a credit card. The more you already have, the more likely you are to get even more. The reason is that people flock to things that are proven to WORK and are popular. Therefore, you have to give your business the image (even if it’s an illusion at first) that it is highly effective and popular, if you are going to attract more clients. 

Which brings us to – client gift giving

While most small businesses don’t think to include “Gift Giving” in their marketing budget, we’re going to explain why you definitely should. That is of course if you want more, meaningful, long-lasting, client relationships. Whose referrals will ultimately get you even more clients. Or, as they say, “it pays to be popular”.  

But, that’s getting ahead of ourselves. We’ll tap into the role giving gifts plays in building client relationships in just a little bit. But, first…

Why do clients decide to buy from you in the first place?

Clients will buy when they trust you and your product. Plain and simple. 

But, there are different psychological reasons that secure clients into buying your products. Some clients need the assurance that large numbers of people are buying your product in order to trust you. Others need to just understand the product itself, the technology behind it, and trust that it is beneficial and practical for them to use and/or own. 

Nowadays, people will look for reviews and compare your offer to other products or services, to see if it is on par (or better) than others being offered. 

Other clients buy what you’re selling simply because you’ve sold them on an idea behind the product, whether it be “simplifying their life”, “organization for their business”, etc.

To help you get your foot welcomed through the door, we recommend sending one of our $10 Treat Boxes along with your offer. Plenty of research shows that the obligation to reciprocate is still alive and well. Meaning, people often feel more inclined to do business with someone who has already given them something of value. And trust us, they’ll never expect that our beautifully packaged Treat Boxes were purchased for less than a Zoom subscription. 

Ultimately, you need to bring value to someone’s life and then they will want to do business with you. Giving a small welcome or introductory gift early on shows the type of attention and consideration they can expect to get from you. 

Let’s talk more about that.

Gifts Clients Buy and Gifts Clients Love.

No matter what your industry is, clients buy what they think fulfills a need in their life. Sometimes they are unaware that they have a certain need or want, and it is your job (and your marketing team’s) to come up with a way to present your product as an essential item to your client’s life. Then, if you segment your offer into at least two options so that your client feels they have options to choose from, or even that you’ve personalized or customized your offer just for them, doing business with you will appeal to them even more. In fact, customizing packages and offers is a gift clients love to receive. Any time you personalize your customer experience, you are practicing the art of gift giving.

It’s also really important to people to feel as though they are staying relevant and current. Being an early innovator and having something to brag about is the social currency everyone is looking for nowadays. 

Offering something your clients will want to post about is a way of returning extra dividends on your marketing investment; in the form of the most coveted marketing campaign there is – trusted word of mouth.  

Consider the casual luxury of our sustainable gift boxes that are cold packed to ensure your luxury chocolate gifts arrive in perfect condition. Our customers love that their clients share pictures on social media; thanking them for sending our beautiful, decadent gourmet food gifts. Complimented by our thoughtful, elegant packaging that looks great in all those shots. 

The Art of Client Gift Giving

It is crucial to retain clients and keep them feeling valued in your industry, and one of the ways of doing so is by giving them gifts. You can do this periodically, it doesn’t have to be very often, so that they feel there is more value in the gifts you are giving them. 

It’s important to know that some companies may have policies against gift giving so, don’t take it personally if a client refuses your gift. 

One of the best gifts to give clients is a customized gift basket that is filled with an array of things you know they’ll love and new things they’ll be excited to try.

When you curate your own custom luxury gift boxes in the Malibu Gift shop, you can select from exceptional gourmet foods, as well as gifts for wine lovers, gifts for coffee lovers, gifts for graduates, and even gifts for vegans. Sending someone a beautiful aerator for their wine, paired with a box of dark cherry chocolate truffles, is a great way to show that you know what they like.  

There’s an episode of a popular television show, The Office, that’s dedicated to client retention by giving gift baskets; which reminds us of another important point. It’s not just about giving the gift – it’s about how you give it. 

When you should give gifts to your clients.

We do not recommend that you give your clients a gift basket in a way that suggests you expect something in return. The true art of client gift giving is to show your generosity, friendship, and gratefulness; and that you are someone they can confidently come to depend on in the future. 

The timing of the gift is important too. If you know you’re going to launch a new product or service in a few months, it’s a great idea to give your client gifts a couple of weeks before so that you will be fresh on their mind.  Then, when you reappear marketing your new item, they will be welcoming someone they have built a meaningful relationship with, and whom they appreciate, rather than just tolerating another sales pitch.  

Finally, the more personalized you can make the card attached to your client gifts, the better off you will be. That means, your client’s onboarding experience should include as much subtle personal information gathering as the person completing the onboard can muster. 

Taking the time to get to know your clients in the beginning, and documenting their likes and dislikes, will make them feel as though they have a much more meaningful relationship with your company in the long run. As a result, they’ll be more inclined to feel open to give you more of their business, and the business of their friends. 

Ultimately, people are going to choose to do business with those they feel most connected to, so stay keen on what makes your clients unique and give them gifts accordingly. After all, who doesn’t like to be known?

Are client gifts tax deductible?

Adding client gifts to your marketing budget makes you wonder if client gifts are tax deductible. Please note, that we are not an authority on taxes and this information is offered for the opinions of this blog only. You should always seek the advice of a qualified tax professional before making decisions about your deductions. That being said, here’s what we’ve found to be the reality; if you give client gifts throughout the time of your trade or business, you can likely deduct all or part of the costs subject to the following limits: You deduct no more than $25 of the cost of business gifts you give directly or indirectly to each person during said tax year (

What have we learned about the art of client gift giving?

Adding new clients is an important part of any business, and it can sometimes be more difficult than it seems. As mentioned, back at the top of this blog, abundance, or at least the illusion of abundance, creates more abundance. When you come across as generous, successful, and in the position of being able to give away the best client gifts in 2020, you also come across as powerful, trustworthy, and consistent. All because you’ve demonstrated  consideration and having resources at your disposal. 

Client gift giving is an important part of client retention and will undoubtedly bring you new clients as your current clients brag about your generosity. And, don’t forget, you can also tap into the give-and-take of your new solid relationship and offer client gifts as an incentive for completing surveys or giving you feedback about something that is going to be valuable to your company. Because, after all, who better to help you improve than the people who really know you. And who better to know you than those you serve. 

Stop by the Malibu Gift shop today and pick-up the perfect gift for all of your clients, and the ones you hope to do business with in the future. 

Now, you can send different gifts to different people, from just one order! 

We’ve designed our client gift giving experience with your in mind. Saving you valuable time from having to place multiple order, or enter login information over and over. 

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