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Healthy Gourmet Gifts to Make Your Fall All the More Special

Fall is here and, along with it, the change in mood and atmosphere that we all need. We all mark the change of the seasons in our own ways. Some raid the arts and crafts stores to make leaf ornaments and yard decorations. Others replenish their cool-weather wardrobe to receive the autumn chill. The one thing we all do, however, is to make sure we eat accordingly. October brings with it all sorts of seasonal delights that we only get to indulge in for a few weeks each year, from the pumpkin spice coffees to the promise of turkey on Thanksgiving. Food is always the way to make fall more special for yourself and for your loved ones, which is why we offer a delightful collection of healthy gourmet gifts for the season.

Healthy Gourmet Gifts for Fall

The good thing about fall is that it can give ways to all sorts of delicious flavors you don’t think about a lot during the rest of the year. If you enjoy those enticingly fruity citrus and tropical flavors during the summer and the coziness of hot chocolate and baked goods during winter, what do you crave during the fall? Are you the kind of person who understandably wants pumpkin spice on everything or the type to rejoice in everything apple cider? Let’s go over how you can give the best of fall flavors with Malibu Gift’s healthy gourmet gifts.

Gourmet Caramel Popcorn

Remember the feeling of autumnal fairs and homecoming carnivals? What’s more representative of that feeling of electrical fall nights than the smell of popcorn? And not just any popcorn, after all, for you can always get that one at the movie theater. No, we are talking about deliciously decadent caramel popcorn: the kind that melts in your mouth and sticks to your palate. Doesn’t that sound wonderful? Of course, you are probably wondering what could possibly make something as sweet as caramel popcorn qualify as healthy. Well, comparatively, it is actually quite healthy, particularly our vegan caramel option. As for the popcorn itself, there’s nothing healthier than popped corn. Even if it’s not the healthiest option out there, it is definitely a treat you deserve to enjoy. 

Halloween Treats

Of course, along with fall comes Halloween, a holiday that literally centers around eating delicious sweets that are most certainly not great for you. However, the best way to indulge in healthier but still fun Halloween treats is to avoid the more chemical-heavy candies you’d usually get. That’s why our collection of healthy gourmet gifts for Halloween has luxurious treats made with real chocolate, real caramel, and more. Between our chocolate sandwich cookies, our chocolate-covered s’ mores, and our caramel popcorn, among others, you are bound to find something to be delighted by. And the best part is you can get a bit of each as part of Malibu’s Halloween treat gift box. What are you waiting for? Our online collection is full of different treats for the season. It’s just a matter of you finding the one to fall for.

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