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We Have All Sorts of Malibu Gourmet Truffles for the Giving Season

As we welcome the fall and the holidays that come with it, you are probably thinking about what you’ll be giving your loved ones to show how them how much you care for them. This is a hard question every year and it never seems to get any easier. After all, you know what to give to those who are closest to you who you know so well. Meanwhile, you probably just send a card to those casual friends you see a few times a year. Now, what are you supposed to get for those friends who deserve more than a car but you don’t know well enough to give something personal? What about your coworkers, clients, and colleagues? Don’t they deserve something too? Well, the solutions to these gift queries, and more, are the Malibu gourmet truffles.

The Delicious World of Malibu Gourmet Truffles

Here at Malibu Gift, we have set off to create the most interesting and rewarding array of truffles for your loved ones’ delight. In the process, we have concocted many different chocolate truffles with all sorts of exciting infusions. Whether we have combined rich dark chocolate with tempting cherry or a kick of espresso, there is something in our truffle collection for you. In fact, we don’t just develop truffles as you are used to them. We have recently delved into making dark chocolate pecan caramel clusters, English toffee sticks, chocolate-covered cherries, and dark chocolate peanut butter cups, among other delicacies. In short, the Malibu Gift catalog is full of surprises, even for those who avoid milk due to dietary restrictions.

Vegan Chocolate Truffles

If you have a vegan friend, you should know they probably struggle to find good chocolate they can enjoy. After all, some of the best chocolates out there have milk in them, and it’s never almond or soy milk, is it? It’s always dairy milk, which can also be inconvenient for those who are lactose intolerant. That is why an important component of our Malibu gourmet truffles are our vegan truffles. These truffles are infused with orange and vodka, making them a wonderful treat to indulge in when one wishes to try exciting new flavors. These are made without any milk in order to make it wholly vegan for anyone’s enjoyment.

Wine Pairing Truffles

Do you have a friend who lives for a good wine? Truffles are great accompaniments to wine, so consider this next time you want to enhance a wine enthusiast’s experience. If they know their wine pairings, they will know that chocolate can be hard to pair with wine, so sweet white wines such as Rieslings and Moscatos will complement the sweetness of truffles. So will Sherries, Ports, and similar dessert wines. The reward of pairing the ever-elusive chocolate in the truffles with the right sip of wine is worth the trouble. Trust us, it will be absolutely godly. Our Malibu gourmet truffles will be the perfect gift for someone who knows how to enjoy some of the finer delicacies in life. 

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