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A Special Christmas Eve Complete with Malibu Gift

For those who celebrate Christmas, there are few times throughout the year that feel as joyful and magical as Christmas Eve. These rare and special moments spent with family or friends enjoying each other’s company are few and far between during the era of COVID-19. We still believe you can have all the holiday cheer complete with casually luxurious caramel popcorn tins and dark chocolate truffles from Malibu Gift. Celebrate a more intimate Christmas Eve that will certainly be a silver lining to a hard year. 

caramel popcorn tins

Socially Distant Christmas Eve Activities 

We want everyone to have a safe and fun Christmas Eve so we’re sharing with you a few of our favorite Christmas traditions that are already socially distant. We love to drive around neighborhoods and see all of the Christmas lights our Malibu friends have put up. Light shows are also popular around here and we encourage you to check online for light shows in your area as well. This is a great way to get the kids out of the house and enjoy the festive season during unusual times. Bring Malibu Gift’s signature caramel popcorn tin along to pass around. It’s the perfect non-messy car snack for the kids!

After the light show, have a Christmas movie marathon with all the treats from Malibu Gift! Of course, our caramel popcorn tin is the perfect movie snack. We also offer a vegan caramel popcorn tin that has the same delicious blend of sea salt and caramel sweetness. We dare you to taste the difference! If you’re looking for something new and exciting to try from Malibu Gift, we recently added a collection of nuts and chocolate covered pretzels. Make your own snack mix for the family with a combination of our pistachios, cashews, chocolate covered pretzels, and 

Malibu Gift’s One-of-a-Kind, Decadent, Gourmet Cookies

Don’t forget to set out cookies for Santa! Malibu Gift specializes in delicious gourmet cookies in the most decadent flavors. We offer everything from All-American Chocolate Chip Cookies to Lemon Butter Cookies and Vegan Oatmeal Raisin Cookies. If you follow a vegan diet, these are your new favorite dessert! They’re just like the original oatmeal raisin cookies you loved growing up but with wholesome, vegan ingredients. You won’t be able to resist the perfect blend of sweetness and spice in these cookies.  

Have Dume Coffee Blends Ready for Christmas Morning 

Have young children that you know will be up early for presents? Have your Dume Coffee all ready to go on Christmas morning. This whole bean coffee can be ground for French Press, Pour Over, Espresso, and more. You’ll be just as excited to get out of bed when you remember the smooth and rice coffee that’s waiting for you! Visit our website to start planning your Christmas celebrations complete with a caramel popcorn tin, casually luxurious cookies, and your favorite blend of Dume Coffee. 

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