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Surely you have been in such a situation in which you are unsure about what “Gift to Give”. Maybe you don’t want to arrive empty-handed to a party or an important occasion.  Maybe you need something to give a great client. Maybe you need to send a luxurious unique gift to a family member or friend. Check out our Malibu Sustainable Vintage Gifts which include vintage items that sit within our “gourmet world” and new luxurious sustainable or reusable gifts.  

Malibu’s Stemless Wine Glasses

It’s so much more satisfying to drink wine from your favorite wine glass!   Why not choose a wine glass from one of our curated collections for yourself or as a Gift to Give.  Our Malibu stemless wine glasses include unique Malibu themed etchings of infamous Point Dume, Malibu’s Elevation Levels, and Zip Codes.  If you have a favorite etching you’d like us to produce for you on our glasses, send us an email for a custom design and price; minimums will apply.  These stemless wine glasses avoid the fragility and inconvenience of their more common stemmed counterparts and are just simply classier… 

Malibu Sustainable Vintage Gifts

Vintage Lidded Tankards

Our curated assortment of Vintage Tankards remind you of a sipping experience that must have felt luxurious in the past…   After all, these go beyond traditional wine glasses and remind us of a past unique vehicle for enjoying luxurious wine. Our Vintage Lidded Tankards are silver-plated, dating back to the 1950s.  We recommend these items as bar decorations. Our vintage gifts are curated as luxurious choices for gifts to give that represent the decadence of gourmet living.

Vintage Wine Accessories

Wine is much more than just a cocktail. Everyone knows that there is an undeniably extensive culture around wine. People collect it while enjoying all sorts of old and classic wines with unparalleled gusto and dedication. These same people enjoy pairing up their wine with the right gourmet food while drinking from their favorite luxurious wine glass accompanied with the right gourmet accessories.  Given the strong wine culture in Malibu, we understand this profile very well. That is why we have constant newness on our site of vintage accessories that we have curated from Malibu’s infamous estate sales and stainless steel wine aerators. Check out our choices often @

Malibu Sustainable Vintage Gifts

Our collection of Malibu sustainable vintage gifts available on our site has been curated from Malibu’s infamous estate sales.  We list often and have a large inventory of items that offer great “Gifts to Give”. This portion of our site is being built out everyday.  Check out our items that range from vintage gourmet utensils to civil war aged glasses to antique western items. All are great unique Gifts to Give.

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