Vegan Gourmet Popcorn: Living Healthy and Deliciously

“Vegan” foods can get something of a bad rap. Just because something’s “vegan,” that doesn’t mean that it has to be lacking in taste. By that same token, should someone decide that a vegan lifestyle is right for them or their family, that doesn’t mean that they should be precluded from enjoying delicious snacks and more. We offer a vegan gourmet popcorn with the acknowledgment that both words, “gourmet” and “vegan” are highly important. So, we make sure that it exemplifies both of them. 

Vegan Gourmet Popcorn Prepared Right 

To make sure that our popcorn is truly vegan, we’ve made it in an entirely vegan process. That means it never comes into contact with anything that could keep it from being entirely vegan. We know how important that is, so we’ve done everything necessary to ensure that this popcorn truly is vegan. The caramel is vegan, popcorn is always vegan — even the hint of sea salt that you’ll taste is vegan. 

vegan gourmet popcorn

Vegan and Decadent 

You should never have to choose between “vegan” and “delicious.” As we mention on our site, we dare you or anyone else to tell the difference between this and our regular, classic caramel popcorn. Customers have told us that they’ll purchase tins of both the classic and the vegan popcorn, list them as such, and then lay them out at a party. Attendees who eat both vegan and non-vegan options can practically never tell the difference between the two in terms of taste. We feel that’s exactly as it should be. 

Vegan Ingredients for Vegan Popcorn 

If you click on the “Ingredients” for our vegan popcorn, you’ll notice that the list is quite short. There’s a reason for that: this is popcorn. It doesn’t need much to make it great. That’s why we add vegan sugar, salt, vanilla extract, creme of tartar, vegan butter, caramel flavoring, and other vegan ingredients. 

The Right Gift for the Right Person or Occasion 

If you have someone in your life who is vegan, it’s not always easy to buy a gift for them. You want to support them, and you want to buy them something nice, but it can be difficult to know if something is appropriately vegan. This gourmet popcorn along with the gift box makes a great gift for a vegan in your life. Not only will you be giving them a delicious gift they’ll genuinely enjoy, but they’ll also see how much effort you put into getting the right thing for them. That can mean a lot whether they’re a family member, someone you’re dating, someone you’d like to be dating, co-worker, or anyone else. A little bit of consideration can go a long way. You can add a gift message to this purchase, but just buying this popcorn sends the message: “I was thinking about you.” To see all of the products we have that make great gifts for the people in your life (or great gifts for yourself) go to our site. 

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