Healthy Gourmet Food Gifts with Oh So Sweet Caramel

Caramel. Simply reading the word can bring to mind that taste that somehow manages to be the perfect combination of salty and sweet. Often, when we have caramel we associate it with chocolate, perhaps a candy bar or something similar. Mixed in with all of that, caramel isn’t exactly a “health food,” and is indeed the opposite. However, you can still get your caramel fix in a healthy way. Caramel popcorn is just one of the many healthy gourmet food gifts that we offer. 

Healthy Gourmet Food Gifts can Include Caramel 

Caramel, by itself, really isn’t all that bad for you. Sure, it has some fat in it, but it doesn’t have any saturated fat. On top of that, it lacks cholesterol too. Yes, it has some sugar but, for the most part, it has the same amount of sugar that you would get in yogurt. We offer caramel popcorn, which means that you’re getting caramel in one of the more health-conscious methods. Popcorn is a whole grain that’s high in fiber and packed with vitamins. Cover it in caramel, and you’ve got a gourmet food snack that essentially everyone can enjoy. Indeed, with our vegan option, everyone really can enjoy it. 

 healthy gourmet food gifts

The Secret of Sea Salt 

When it comes to our caramel popcorn, one thing that makes it stand out is that it, well, doesn’t just taste like caramel popcorn. It has a unique, special taste to it – that uniqueness comes from our sea salt. Just as popcorn and caramel have health benefits that folks might not be aware of, sea salt has some, too. For the most part, sea salt has been minimally processed. That means that it has the kinds of nutrients that you won’t find in other kinds of salt: such as calcium, iron, and potassium. While it may not have them in extraordinarily large amounts, it has more of them than you might be able to find in other kinds of snacks. It’s one more way that we’ve designed our caramel popcorn to be a smart snack. 

A Gift that Someone Will Appreciate 

Has anyone ever, in the recorded history of time, been unhappy to have received popcorn? Perhaps if it was the only gift that a spouse was given during their 25th anniversary or something, but most people are always glad to be given popcorn. It’s not like a gift that might make the receiver go: “thank you,” while they’re actually thinking “this is going to destroy my diet.” The same is true of our coffee gifts, too. 

Healthy Coffee Gifts 

You can’t really give someone the gift of “a good morning.” You can’t wrap “starting the day right” in a gift box and send it to someone. However, the closest you can get to doing so is our coffee. We have several different kinds of coffee options so that you can find the right one to give someone, or to give yourself some good mornings too. For more, you can head to our site. 

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