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The Best Thank You Gifts for Neighbors

Gifting the best thank-you gift for a neighbor is key to creating that “strong neighborly bond”.  We all can use strong neighborly bonds these days post the covid induced separation.  

Sometimes your neighbor does something so kind or helpful that a thank you card for a neighbor isn’t quite enough.   At MalibuGift we say “give a gift” and believe a great neighborly gift helps create lasting relationships.   We also understand that thoughtful thank-you gifts for neighbors include those gifts that show someone took the time to curate a gourmet gift that made you feel special.  Gourmet Chocolate Covered Cherries and or English Toffee can be the best thank-you gifts for neighbors when it’s given a “gourmet touch” from

Luxury Chocolate Thank-You Gifts

Short on thank-you gift ideas?  At MalibuGift we have many pre-curated thank-you gift box ideas for neighbors listed under our Luxury Gift Box tab at the top of the site.  Click on the tab and check them out.  There’s something for everyone’s tastes.  

Our MalibuGift Gourmet Chocolate Candies come in such a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and flavors that pretty much anyone can gift a neighbor a luxury chocolate box they will love.  If your neighbor doesn’t have a real sweet tooth, no problem!  One of our Gourmet Dark Chocolate Candy Gift Boxes is a perfect choice for a neighbor or anyone who doesn’t like anything too sweet.  The gourmet chocolate options are endless for choices of thank-you gifts for your neighbors or just about anybody in your life.  

If sugar is a problem for your gift recipient, we have the perfect gift box for you to give your neighbor or just about anybody.  Our sugar-free assortment is a wide range of delicious sugar-free chocolates that will help fulfill any gifting needs for neighbors that have chocolate cravings but can’t afford to eat the sugar.  Click on our Luxury Gift Box tab to see our sugar-free assortment.  Don’t forget to personalize your gift and include a thank you card for your neighbor or gift recipient. 

luxury chocolate gift ideas

Custom Thank You Gifts for Any Neighbor

Do you have a neighbor with “special” tastes?  Is your neighbor a great person you’d like to gift but particular with their taste?  Customize your neighbor’s gourmet gift box by clicking on our customized gift box tab at the top of the page.  At, we like to suggest you use 5 considerations when customizing your neighbor’s gift box or any person’s gourmet gift box.  

One, consider the size of the gift box you’d like to give.  Sometimes, neighbors are only deserving of a thank-you gift card.  Other times, a larger gourmet gift box is preferable. 

Two, consider the occasion.  Sometimes a simple thank you for being a great neighbor is best.  Other times, a luxury gourmet gift box from MalibuGift is better! 

Three, think about what the neighbor likes.  If you’re not sure, assort gourmet candies or cookies and pair them with our roasted coffees or teas in your gourmet gift box. 

Four, select from Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate candies to show the personalized chocolate curation of your neighbor’s gift box. 

Five, personalize your gourmet gift by including a gift message that says exactly what you want to say.

Thank You Card for Neighbors

No custom chocolate gift box would be complete without a personalized thank you card for your neighbor.  Think about the occasion and or reason to write your personal message. It doesn’t have to be long or verbose, but you should put some careful thought into it to make it special and personal.  

For example, if you’re giving someone a gourmet chocolate gift box for Christmas, don’t just say “Merry Christmas!” Instead, write a little bit more about what they mean to you such as thanks for being a great neighbor, and give them your best wishes for the holiday and the new year.  Check out the best welcome gifts for new neighbors. We also have the perfect gifts for neighbors moving away.

thank you gift boxes for neighbors

Thank You Gift Ideas for Neighbors

Gift Boxes for any Occasion

For any holiday or any occasion, MalibuGift Gourmet Gift Boxes include perfect gift ideas for great neighbors and everybody else close to you in your life.   Our sweet treats will make everyone smile when they open their gourmet gift box.  Whether you are buying for neighbors, friends, or family, you can’t go wrong with our flavorful sweet delights.  Our best-selling gourmet chocolate options which are included in pre-curated gift boxes include our best-selling Chocolate Covered Cherries, English Toffee, and or our Soft Center Creams.  Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate options are available for most of our Chocolate treats

chocolate covered cherries

How to say thank you for being a great neighbor

Summer is typically the best time for family vacations, but going out of town can mean needing someone to take care of your pets, collect your mail, and water your plants. Old friends or new neighbors can be great people to turn to for these tasks, but sometimes it’s hard to think of ways to say thank you beyond bringing back a generic souvenir from your vacation. Here are a few ways to show appreciation towards your neighbors for helping you out while you vacation!  

  1. Return the favor. This might seem obvious, but no one ever wants to assume you would be automatically available to return the favor. When you return from your trip, catch up with your neighbor and ask them about their upcoming travel plans. Right then, make a point to tell them that you will take care of mail/plants/pets while they’re gone.
  2. Small gestures. Even if your neighbors don’t plan to go out of town this summer, you can still find ways to show your appreciation and help them out. Small gestures like taking their trash bin out to the corner or paying for their lawn to be mowed one month go a long way.
  3. Invite them over for dinner. Inviting your neighbors over for dinner is a great way to say thank you and get to know them a little better.

Send a Gourmet Thank You Gift from MalibuGift . If you’re the type of person that likes giving gifts, gourmet thank-you gift ideas for neighbors are vast at  Click on our Luxury Gift Box tab at the top of the page and personally curate your own gourmet chocolate gift box of Chocolate Covered Cherries, English Toffee or other gourmet candy choices.  Or, choose from our pre-curated gift boxes and personalize it with a customized gift message that says “Thank you for being a great neighbor”. 

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