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Unique and Thoughtful Family Reunion Gift Ideas

Need a family reunion gift idea?  It’s true, family is like a treasure. Sometimes it’s hard to see the “treasure”, but that’s “part of the course”.  Families happen to strengthen each member and once a family, you will always be connected to them. Now after growing up and leaving “the nest”, years and years have gone by and a family reunion is planned.  So, of course, you can not come empty-handed and need family reunion gift ideas. is here to help.  Give a gift! 

Before attending the family reunion party, you must ensure your family reunion gift ideas will be creative, elevated, and evolve into a gift that will impress.  Although it’s not an obligation to get something that becomes a family party favor, a luxurious MalibuGift gourmet gift box will add sweet joy to the event. 

Personalized Family Reunion Gift Ideas

Every family is special and every family member has a particular taste level.  Not that your family reunion gift idea needs to impress everybody.  But, it helps!  Your sister does not like savory treats, your mom only likes gourmet candy treats, and your brother loves wine.  You get it!  So, you are inclined to curate your gourmet family reunion gift.  Click on our Customized Gift Box tab located at the top of the page at  Our long list of gourmet gifts is shown.  Each item has been pre-curated into one of our luxurious gift baskets or gift boxes.  However, if you don’t find the right family reunion gift idea or gift box, personalize your family reunion with a customized gift box.  

When personalizing your family reunion gift box, do not forget the gourmet chocolate.  Choose from our famous Chocolate Covered Cherries and why not add a wellness gift idea to your gift box for that personalized family reunion touch?  Include a personalized gift message that we will thermal print beautifully on the back of one of our scenic Malibu, California postcards.  

Gourmet Chocolate gift boxes

Luxury Gift Ideas Under $100

With a large family reunion gift box in tow or arriving with an occasion-based gourmet gift box is a perfect way to walk into your family reunion party.  Stuffed with reunion favors, each gourmet gift box curated by our chefs offers luxurious gourmet choices.  Click on our Luxury Gift Box Under $100 tab at the top of the homepage to see the fantastic assortment of luxurious gourmet ideas included in our gift boxes under $100.  If that’s a little too “rich for your blood”, click on the Luxury Gift Boxes tab under $50.  Give a gourmet gift that’s not too rich for your wallet but rich with luxurious gourmet choices for your family reunion gift.  Choose from our 1-pound Gourmet Chocolate Assortments or our Gourmet Cookie Gift Tins, or our pre-curated gift box ideas all under $50.  

luxury gift boxes under $100

Family Reunion Gifts for the Sweet Tooth

Now we understand that not every person has a huge sweet tooth, but if you’re going to a family reunion, how can you go wrong with bringing a luxurious family reunion gift box assorted with an array of gourmet treats from  Were you tempted to get flowers for your family reunion?  Don’t do it.  

Get creative with your gifting.  Don’t just gift from the just trendy options, give a luxurious MalibuGift gift basket or gift box including our famous Chocolate Covered Cherries or Gourmet English Toffee.  These best-selling luxurious chocolate choices pair perfectly with our Gourmet Coffee, Loose Leaf Teas, and or Wine Accessories which help curate a gourmet gift assortment perfect for any occasion including your special family reunion.  

Today offers you our evolving sustainable platform of Gourmet Dark and Milk Chocolate Candies, Cookies, Roasted Coffee Beans & Tea Leaves curated from one of our favorite locations in the world, Malibu.  We started by delivering gourmet gifts ordered online of chocolate and caviar to our fabulous Malibu neighbors back in the ‘90s. The internet was new and so was our business.  We’ve evolved today into a gourmet chocolatier who loves to curate luxurious gift boxes for any occasion, like family reunions.  Our Gourmet Food Brand’s ingredients are “clean and natural” as defined on our site.  We think our luxurious assortment of gift boxes includes the perfect choice for your family reunion gift. 

gourmet gift box

Vintage Family Reunion Gift Ideas

In our family, when we gift for our family reunions, we like to come up with interesting vintage family reunion gift ideas to assort with MalibuGift gourmet chocolate; which is great for any occasion.  This family inspiration drove us to list on our site at our favorite Vintage items that are typically terrific items to start a conversation after a gift is opened.  Check out our sustainable gifts category online at and curate your own luxuriously unique MalibuGift basket or box to send with your personalized message. Some of our favorite vintage items include our themed salt shakers and bread bowls.  

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