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Wine Finds

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  • Malibu’s Whale Wine Pourer and Aerator

  • soy wax candles

    Malibu’s Soy Wax Candle Set

  • sympathy scents

    Neroli Cedar Clear Reed Diffuser

  • Wine Finds

    Malibu’s Etched Stemless Wine Glass Set

  • Malibu’s Mermaid Wine Pourer and Aerator

  • custom gift idea

    Charcuterie and Wine Accoutrement Gift Basket

  • Gourmet Gift Boxes

    Sweet Confit Gourmet Spreads for Cheese and More

  • MalibuGift’s Duck Wine Pourer and Aerator

  • Malibu’s Puffer Fish Wine Pourer and Aerator

  • Rattle Snake Wine aeratorrattle snake wine aerator

    Rattle Snake Wine Pourer and Aerator

  • Grizzly Bear Wine Pourer and Aerator

  • Malibu’s Alpaca Wine Pourer and Aerator

  • Malibu’s Pineapple Wine Pourer and Aerator

  • Malibu’s Owl Wine Pourer and Aerator

  • Malibu Serenity Kit

  • Gourmet Charcuterie Jams and Spreads Gift Box


Wine Accessories Gift Boxes

It’s hard to gift a “wine aficionado” —they probably already have a favorite variety.   Your gift bottle of wine would end up like others.  Under the sink of the bar…

Instead, we curate wine accessories gift boxes for that special wine drinker who would simply love to receive wine accoutrements to pair back to their favorite blend. Each of our gift boxes has a casually luxurious assortment of different wine-inspired gifts that pair perfectly with whatever wine they prefer to pour.  Plus, our stemless glasses wine glasses won’t tip and most come with one of 3 different sand etched Malibu local logos.  Curate your own gift box under the Customized Gift Box tab and include some of our wonderful Charcuterie items to complete your Wine Find Gift Box.

Include one of our Soy Candles, beautifully scented Reed Diffusers or even a Vintage Wine Find to complete your perfect gift box.  Give a Gift from MalibuGift