Chic Housewarming Gifts for the New Homeowner

There’s nothing quite like buying your first house. Your loved one may be pacing inside it with glee, thinking, “It’s mine! It’s mine!” How can you share in their joy and turn that house into a home? Enlist the help of Malibu Gift to make their housewarming both memorable and delicious. A milestone of this magnitude deserves a celebration; be a part of their happiness with an unforgettable celebratory gift. Get your idea machine started with these chic housewarming gifts for the new homeowner, and help them make a cozy home out of their new house.

Personalized Stationery

In the era of emails and text chains, the gift of pens and paper may seem outdated at first glance. But nothing makes a new home feel real quite like seeing your name and new locale on return address labels and notepaper. Your loved one will grin from ear to ear as they open up personalized stationery designed to their taste.

Choose archival-quality paper when shopping for stationery. Put a supply of notepaper, blank greeting cards, return address labels, and a beautiful, archival-quality black pen into their package. Wrap it up in an eye-catching way and present it to them with pride.

Kitchen Gadgets

Stock your loved one’s kitchen with quality gadgets and measuring gear! Do they have a hard time getting their day started without their coffee fix? Gift them a French press, a bag of their favorite coffee beans, and a lovingly hand-picked mug. They’ll think of you with every sip.

Home bakers spend a lot of quality time with their measuring cups and spoons. Make the process a little more fun for them with sets of funky measuring spoons and colorful cups. Don’t forget salt and pepper shakers, either; they’re a perfect way for your loved one to add a peek of personality to their kitchen table. Whether they like something that’s vintage, sleek, or kooky, pick out a set you know they’ll love!

And for the avid cook in your life, show them your love with a cast-iron skillet. Many dishes cook best in an iron skillet, which only gets better with age. Your favorite cook will enjoy this gift for years as they lovingly season it and keep it in a place of pride in their kitchen.

Coffee Table Books

Next time you’re at the bookstore, check out those big, heavy books that look more at home on a coffee table than on a bookshelf. These living-room accents work double duty as conversation pieces and sources of casual entertainment. Even if your loved one isn’t entertaining guests, they can leaf through them on a lazy afternoon.

What are some of your loved one’s interests? Photography is common in coffee table tomes, but these big books also cover subjects from cartoon trivia to rock and roll history. Whether they love gardening or knitting, movie facts, or wildlife photography, give them a hefty slice of it! Show your friend or family member that you know what they love and encourage them to share those interests with their guests.

Sweet Treats

As your loved one stocks their fridge and pantry with staple foods, indulge their sweet tooth in the meantime. A shiny box of chocolates is a common way to say, “I love you,” but why not dress it up with a gourmet touch? Malibu Gift can assist you in building the perfect cornucopia of luxury candy gifts, from gooey caramel-filled chocolates to gluten-free oatmeal raisin cookies. No matter your loved one’s special tastes, we’ve got your back.

Lavish your friend or family member with sweet and salty treats, and they’ll be able to share those treats with guests in the days and weeks to come. After all, what’s the point of an edible arrangement if not to spread the love?

Towels, Towels, Towels

As a new homeowner, your loved one will need to stock up on linens. When they walk through their house, they’ll find a dozen spots that need towels! So why not give them the gift of towels?

Start with the bathrooms first. Indulge them with a set of fluffy, monogrammed towels in their favorite color for the master bathroom. Coordinate colors for the full-sized towels, the hand towels, and the washcloths. For their guest bathroom, go with a safe neutral color for a couple of quality hand towels. You can even have them embroidered (or do it yourself if you’re crafty!) with an emblem or phrase that holds a special meaning. Guest towels are a perfect way to show off a peek of your loved one’s personality.

Kitchen linens are a little different in texture. Dish towels are not as squishy or plush as bathroom towels, but they’re still essential for a well-functioning kitchen. Pick up a few brightly colored dishtowels and potholders that will make your loved one smile every time they take a dish out of the oven.

Luxurious Robe

One of the best things about owning a home is the privacy that comes with it. Your loved one now has a sanctuary—no other tenants in the building, no landlords popping in and out—so help them enjoy it! A quality robe in their favorite color and texture will let them enjoy their alone time in comfort.

You know your friend or family member better than anyone. What’s their lifestyle like? What textures best fit their sartorial tastes? Some people love a terry cloth robe to help them dry off after a shower or bath. Others love the plush comfort of a fluffy velour robe. Depending on your loved one’s style, they may even love a vintage-inspired silk robe to lounge in on weekends.

When you’ve got a new homeowner in your life, spoil them with gifts to celebrate that milestone with them. Furnish their new space with linens, mugs, and kitchen odds and ends to help usher them into their new living space! Whether your friend or family member loves to write letters or dig into luxury candy gifts, you’ll be there for them with the perfect housewarming presents. Share in their joy with these chic housewarming gifts for the new homeowner. The gleeful look on their face when they open your package will be a gift you’ll remember for a lifetime!

Chic Housewarming Gifts for the New Homeowner

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