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Perfect Gift Ideas for Neighbors Moving Away

Everybody knows that good neighbors are a real treasure. The times spent with them will be engraved in our hearts forever and remind us of the good times. When it’s time to give a gift to your neighbor moving away, search and check out our gourmet assortments of milk chocolate or dark chocolate candies and other luxurious options that are perfect gifts for neighbors moving away.  Click on our Customized Gift Box option at the top of the page on our website and curate your gift box with that special touch if you prefer or check out our pre-curated gourmet gift box options.  

Best Selling Gifts for Your Neighbors

MalibuGift has eliminated the hard work of selecting the best gift ideas for neighbors moving away and who have decided to leave the neighborhood.  Our gourmet gift boxes will surely bring a smile to your neighbors’ faces. Check out our luxurious assortment of gift boxes including gourmet chocolate assortments of treats like Chocolate Covered Cherries and Gourmet English Toffee.  

There are a few things to keep in mind when purchasing a neighbor’s moving away gift box.  

  1. Don’t buy flowers.  In most cases, flowers and plants are an excellent choice for gifts. When it comes to neighbors moving away though, they’re not ideal. Both plants and flowers are difficult to move, and you’ll just add more responsibility to an already burgeoning to-do list.  Gourmet Chocolates are a lasting gift while flowers are not.
  2. Don’t spend too much money on frivolous or novelty gifts.  Gourmet Chocolate is neither frivolous nor too expensive.  Just because a gift is more expensive doesn’t mean that it’s better
  3. Create a personal touch of your moving away gift by curating your gift box assortment and or gift message. Check out our Customized Gift Box tab at on top of the page.  How personal you get with your gift depends on how well you know your neighbors, but as a general rule, going away gifts don’t have to be super personal the way a birthday or holiday gift might be. It’s definitely okay to go with something like gourmet chocolates, provided you put some thought into whether they’ll like it or not.

There are a ton of ways to get creative by giving a best-selling gift to your neighbor from  Again, it’s the thought that counts when gifting and any gourmet gift from MalibuGift will be appreciated. Your gourmet gift box will make your neighbor’s moving experience more pleasurable and sure to help make the project of a move a breeze. 

gift boxes for neighbors

Luxury Gifts Under $100 for Neighbors Moving Away

Your neighbors are moving and you don’t know what to say?  “Peace out!”  Is simply saying this proper?  Sometimes shortened to just “Peace”, this is sort of like saying “peace be with you” and “goodbye” at the same time which means it can be considered proper.  We at MalibuGift think it’s just better to consider a Luxury Gift Box under $100 from MalibuGift and to personalize your gift message.  

If you have a new neighbor check out our luxury gift options.

Going Away Gifts for Neighbors

Just because a gift is more expensive doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily better. Giving your neighbors a super pricey moving away gift might be awkward for them, and it’s also really just not necessary. It’s the thought that counts and MalibuGift has put a bunch of thought into our Curated Gift Box options in the $50 and under range.  Check them out.  Don’t fall into the trap of giving a gift card to a hardware store or home improvement store.  It’s impersonal and tactical.  Give a gourmet gift! 

curated gift boxes

What is the Best Moving Away Gift Idea for Neighbors?

MalibuGift suggests giving a Gourmet Gift Box to your favorite neighbors who are moving.  Customize it with a personalized gift message and give a gift of Gourmet Chocolate Covered Cherries, English Toffee, and more.  A few other things you can do to thank your neighbors are included below but we suggest a sweet treat of gourmet chocolates.

Offer your assistance on moving day

Arrive at your departing neighbor’s home bright and early with a smile and a fresh thermos of coffee. A box of chocolates and some coffee will get their day started off on the right foot. If you have time to pitch in and lend a hand, roll your sleeves up and get moving.

Be available for childcare

The pressure of having to organize an entire house into boxes while taking care of small children can be overwhelming. You can be of immeasurable help if you organize a play date or offer to take their kids to the movies and out for lunch. Even a small amount of time “kids free” can be helpful.  

Provide a meal

With your neighbor’s busy packing, schedule a day to drop off a meal or invite them over for dinner. They may relish an opportunity to take a break and enjoy the company of friends.

Send them off with a MalibuGift Gourmet Gift Box

A simple customized gift card with a few heartfelt words will make your neighbor’s last day a memorable experience.  Include one in your pre-curated gourmet gift box from MalibuyGift.

If your neighbor has already sent you a gift, look at our luxury options for return gift ideas.

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