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Gift Basket Ideas for Couples

MalibuGift gourmet gift baskets make a special and luxurious gift for any gifting occasion and for anybody.  Lately, our chefs have been curating terrific gift basket ideas for couples in 2023.  Our pre-curated gift basket ideas are great for any occasion and can be gifted for a couple’s special occasion, a birthday, a special thank you, or even to a great client.  Each gift basket assortment is packed in one of our branded shipping boxes and curated by our team with special and thoughtful gourmet chocolate assortments and goodies.  MalibuGifts luxurious gourmet treats can be enjoyed over a period reminding your gift recipient of your gratitude, thanks, and great memories for their special occasion.   And, while our gourmet gift baskets are luxurious and thoughtful, they make a great low-effort, last-minute gift for anyone on your list.  We like to say, Give a Gift!  It’s impactful and rewarding to do so.

Perfect Gift Boxes for Couples

MalibuGift has the perfect assortment of pre-curated gift boxes for couples if that’s who you’re gift shopping for.  If that special gift-receiving couple has specific tastes, curate your gift basket or gift box by selecting our Customized Gift Box tab to make your own gift baskets.  Virtually all of our luxurious gift item selections are individually listed and available for you to choose from to create that perfect gift basket or gift box.  Just in case your gift recipients have varying tastes, pick something sweet from our gourmet chocolate candy assortment or something savory.  Our chefs have created a whole new line of savoy chocolate treats topping our caramel and dark chocolate treats with gourmet sea salt.  

Wine Lovers Gift Baskets

If that special gift basket you want to send includes a gift recipient who loves wine, can help.  Check out our pre-curated wine lovers’ gift baskets that include all the accouterments a wine lover would appreciate.  And, don’t forget to include the dark chocolate treats.  They go perfectly with wine!   While MalibuGift can not send liquor gifts in the mail or include wine in our gift baskets, we can be the perfect complement to their favorite wine.  Our animal, reptile, and holiday-themed wine aerators and pourers offer the ability to personalize your gift thoughtfully. These wine pourers aerate as they pour!  Our MalibuGift stemless wine glasses etched with our local Malibu messaging will help remind your gift recipient of the finer and more luxurious places in life they should be celebrating! 

wine glass for wine lovers gift ideas

Tea Lovers Gift Baskets

Looking for Tea Lovers Gift Baskets?  We believe many tea gift basket recipients may be “loose lovers”.  That is lovers of loose-leaf teas. MalibuGift has a great assortment of pre-curated Tea Gift Baskets or Gift Boxes.  Choose from those with our loose-leaf assortments packaged uniquely in Tea Test Tubes or our Tea Tins.  These include loose-leaf teas that are caffeinated, decaf, herbal and more.  Many pre-curated gift boxes include luxurious tea infusers perfect for single-cup use.  If the gift recipient is not a “loose leaf lover, ” curate your tea lovers gift basket with one of our Republic of Tea Tins that includes bagged single-use teas of your choice.  Don’t forget the English Toffee which goes perfectly with a cup of tea! 

tea lovers gift box ideas

Coffee Enthusiast Gift Basket

Sending a gourmet gift basket or gift box?  Coffee enthusiasts deserve a gourmet coffee enthusiast gift basket or gift box from MalibuGift.  Most pre-curated gourmet coffee gift baskets or gift boxes include one of our special roasted coffee bean choices.  One of our Mild, Medium, or Dark perfectly roasted coffee bean choices is typically included with a special choice of gourmet chocolate to accompany the gourmet coffee choice.  Our Malibu campfire mugs and a mini coffee bean grinder are perfect additives to any coffee enthusiast gift basket or gift box from MalibuGift.  Give a gift; a coffee gift basket!  

espresso gift box ideas

Couple Anniversary Gift Basket Ideas 

MalibuGift gourmet gift baskets are perfect for anniversaries, a special thank you, terrific clients, and more.  These occasions are excellent choices for “killing two birds with one stone” because our MalibuGift gourmet anniversary gift baskets or gift boxes can be a perfect gift choice for couples.  Choose from our pre-curated anniversary gift basket ideas or select 3 to 4 items from our Customized Gift Box tab and curate your gift basket idea perfect for gift recipients with individual tastes. 

Birthday Gift Baskets Ideas for Couples

We understand that amazing birthday gifting is more than just finding the right birthday gift basket or gift box for the special birthday woman or man.  When sending a birthday gift basket, you might have to think about a birthday gift basket idea for couples.  Gift something that everybody can enjoy and give your birthday gift recipient the ability to share and celebrate.  Give a gift of one of our best sellers, chocolate covered cherries.

Gourmet Chocolate gift boxes
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