Malibu’s Etched Stemless Wine Glasses, 4



Malibu’s Etched Stemless Wine Glasses are a Local must have.  We have curated a set of 4.  These are 17 ounces of  Machine Blown Glass with sand etched designs.  They are a real taste of Casual Luxury when enjoying your favorite Malibu wine.  Our personalized etched local, seal level & zip code stemless wine glasses are fabulous when you’re up for cutting loose and feeling luxurious.  This set of 4 Malibu Etched Stemless Wine Glasses are  non-stuffy and especially good for klutzy friends.  That’s because stemless wine glasses have a low center of gravity – think wine sippy cups for adults.  Malibu’s Etched Stemless Wine Glasses have a luxurious sand etching to remind you of where you should be while sipping wine, on a Malibu Beach!   Our wine glasses have stable, sturdy walls and are well-suited for all varietals.  Better yet, you can throw them in the dishwasher when the party is over!

MalibuGift manufactures and distributes the finest luxury gourmet food gifts and home goods.  Every item in the MalibuGift shop has been carefully sourced from the finest ingredients.   We use the most fresh and natural ingredients available for the confectionary product we manufacture.    All of our gift boxes are packed with a touch of casual luxury and provides a gourmet gift giving experience.   Every order is packed to perfection and overflowing with thoughtful Malibu influences that our customers love.  Worried about shipping chocolate in the Summer?  We have thought of it all.  Our chocolate products are expertly cold-packed when the weather is too warm.  MalibuGift takes on this expense because we want to encourage gifting all year round!


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