Malibu Wine Glasses To Help You Celebrate Wine Culture

Wine culture is something that few people outside of it understand. People wonder what it is about a drink that sparks such passion in people. What they don’t know is that wine culture is a result of a long history spanning thousands of years. Our Malibu wine glasses are specifically designed for you to be able to enjoy wine and do this drink justice.

malibu wine glasses

Wine History

Wine has been a constant throughout human culture for thousands of years. The earliest instances of wine have been found in the country of Georgia in Eastern Europe, dating all the way back to the year 6000 BC. Throughout human history, wine has been sought after for its intoxicating effects, its memorable taste, and the artistry involved in the process. By the year 4500 BC, the beverage was consumed and celebrated across ancient Greece, Rome, and Thrace. Since then, it has also been an important part of faith and religion, a custom that is carried out to this day. Some of the same areas in Italy that were vineyards in the age of the empire are still used for that purpose to this day. This, if anything, speaks to what a consistent presence wine has been for people across history.

Wine Culture

This long history has led to what is currently known as wine culture. There are a lot of different components relating to this somewhat vague concept, most of which will vary from region to region. In countries such as Spain, France, and Italy, it is common for people to have a glass of wine with their dinner on a near-daily basis. In Argentina and Chile, wine is a cultural signifier that defines the image of the countries around the world. Here in the United States, sites such as the Napa Valley and, in recent years, Malibu, have become popular hubs for wine enthusiasts. This has led to a lot of wine lovers moving to these areas and enjoying the sense of community and shared interests. 

Get Your Own Piece of Malibu Wine Culture

When it comes to the storied history of wine, you need to do it justice properly. The way to do so is through the right wine accessories. If you love wine as much as you probably do, then it’s only fair that you drink it from the right vessel and enhance the experience as much as possible. For example, a wine aerator can help you mix air into the wine as it flows through it, increasing its exposure to oxygen. Why? This allows the wine to breathe before drinking it. The reaction between the wine itself and the gases in the air changes the wine’s taste. In order to make sure that the pourer plays into the necessary elegance of the process, the aerators we offer at Malibu Gift all sport beautiful themed stainless steel designs.

Malibu Wine Glasses

When it comes to the glasses you drink your wine from, we have the best possible choice. We have a collection of different stemless wine glasses etched with plenty of Malibu themed designs. These include Malibu’s famous elevation levels, infamous Point Dume, and the local zip codes that celebrate the casually luxurious Malibu environment. Wine culture is all about reveling in the culture of wine drinking and enjoying the history behind this legendary drink. At Malibu Gift, we want to make sure you get to do so yourself.

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