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Giving the Gift of Malibu: Vintage Wine Accessories Online

There are few American cities that are associated with wine as much as Malibu is. The vineyards are nearby, meaning that there are quite a lot of great, local wines to choose from. Sitting on the beach, enjoying a glass of wine as the sun sets over the Pacific Ocean is, in many ways, the American Dream made manifest. Here at Malibu Gifts, we offer plenty of vintage wine accessories online. Some give your wines, as well as your home, more style, some pair excellently with your wines, while others can add to your enjoyment of wine. It perhaps goes without saying that each makes a fantastic gift. 

vintage wine accessories online

Wine Accessories Packages for Wine Connoisseurs and More 

Our Malibu Gift boxes provide everything that someone might need in order to get more out of their wine experience. Each offers something that augments the wine itself. For example, our Malibu Classic Gift box comes with two of our Malibu Zip Code Etched Wine glasses, as well as dark chocolate cherry truffles and caramel popcorn. Drinking wine with someone you care about this Valentine’s Day is a lovely moment in time indeed. 

Wine Gifts for Everyone in Your Life 

The Malibu Wine Tasting gift box, as the name implies, is for someone who takes their wine quite seriously. That fits everyone: from your partner to your boss, to your parents, to a colleague, to anyone else in your life who’s passionate about wine. They’ll get the two glasses, as well as the truffles and a stainless steel collectible wine aerator. The Malibu Local Gift Box has everything to end a day properly and then get off to a great start the next morning. Dark chocolate espresso truffles come with the etched wine glasses. Additionally, you’ll get an eight-ounce bag of our coffee as well as two stainless steel collectible espresso cups. 

An Aerator to Match Your Style and Personality 

It’s not easy to get a perfect pour of wine. Or rather, it wasn’t easy until now. With our wine pourer and aerator products, you (or someone who takes their wine quite seriously) can get the perfect pour every time with an aerator that fits their aesthetic. With designs that cover everything, from mermaids to alpacas, puffer fish to Christmas Trees, and more available, there’s a wine pourer and aerator that perfectly complements everyone’s personality. They make incredible gifts because by using them, whenever someone pours a glass of wine they’ll be thinking of you. 

Vintage Wine Accessories Online for Any Home 

Not every wine accessory has to be used in connection to the wine to contribute to your aesthetic. For example, our sustainable vintage wooden bean slicer can be hung in practically any kitchen, home, restaurant, bar, cafe, office, and more. There are few “conversation pieces” that can start a conversation quite like this one. If you’ve been looking for a special gift, the kind of thing that someone will never know how much they could use it until you give it to them, then we have plenty of gifts just like that at our site.

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