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MalibuGift Wine Collection Accessories

Wine is much more than just a cocktail with an extensive culture.  People collect it, sip it, share it, hord it and all with unparalleled gusto and dedication. Wine connoisseurs enjoy pairing up their wine with the right gourmet food, custom glasses, AND the right wine accessories. At MalibuGift, we are surrounded with a passion for gourmet food and a “thick” wine culture all day. This led our team to develop and include in our gourmet food assortment of gifts our very own collection of themed animal wine aerators and tasteful vintage wine accessories. Vicky and I are committed to our gourmet food, wine, and “Gift to Give” culture that we hope to share with you!  Here are a few of our many casually luxurious offerings.

vintage wine accessories

Stemless Wine Glasses

Most of us are evidently more familiar with classic stemmed wine glasses. That’s for a reason. They are elegant and refined giving the mere act of holding up a wine glass a lot of gravitas. It just looks cool; it’s understandable.  However, we all know just how fragile the kinds of glasses can be. Who hasn’t broken a stemmed wine glass or a flute while doing dishes or reracking some glasses? The solution: Stemless Wine Glasses. Stemless Wine Glasses also provide a much more casual sense of luxury and are much more appropriate for a home environment…they’re hard to tip over 😉  Our stemless wine glasses are etched with our Malibu themed designs of Malibu’s elevation levels, infamous Point Dume, and relevant zip codes that showcase the casually luxurious “low profile” of Malibu.

Pourers and Aerators

Anyone who enjoys a good glass of wine should enjoy the benefits of having an aerator. Unsure what these do?  A wine aerator mixes air into the wine as it flows through it, increasing its exposure to oxygen. This allows the wine to breathe before drinking it. The reaction between the wine itself and the gases in the air changes the wine’s taste. Uncontrolled, this can deteriorate the wine to the point of it being utterly undrinkable. An aerator however helps control this process and it actually brings out the wine’s finer tastes. In order to make sure that the pourer plays into the necessary elegance of the process, the aerators we offer at MalibuGift all sport beautiful themed stainless steel designs. Whales, fruits, trees, and even mermaids adorn our wine accessory assortments.  They are all designed to bring optimal taste and class to the act of wine pouring and are great Gifts to Give or enjoy yourself.

MalibuGift Vintage Wine Accessories

If you are looking to enhance your own wine collection with the accessories it deserves or if you’d like to surprise a wine enthusiast with something they will both use and appreciate, our vintage wine accessories are “Malibu Cool” options.  Each one of our vintage accessory pieces is carefully curated from Malibu’s infamous estate sales and assorted to appeal to the refined vintage tastes of wine enthusiasts. Browse through our catalog, look through everything that we offer, and allow one or two items to catch your eye. The corkscrews are our favorite. We update our vintage collection all the time and are great gifts to include in your custom gift box or to collect yourself. Check out the assortment often!  

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