Malibu’s Famous Caramel Popped Corn: Healthy Snacking

We all eat snacks. Most Fashion or Image models snack. We’ve seen it being in the business.  No one really avoids snacking, they dream about it. That’s not to say that everyone snacks daily for hours on end, but at some point everyone snacks. And, that’s fine! We’re not meant to starve ourselves. Don’t feel guilty! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a delicious snack.  However, it is important to have a delicious snack that is as healthy as possible for a number of reasons. Why not Malibu’s famous caramel popped corn that’s all natural! 

healthy snacking

Actual Study on Healthy Snacking 

It’s hard to trust anything that you read online. We write that, knowing that you’re reading this online. But, there are some places that are far more truthful than most. One such location is the US National Library of Medicine – National Institutes of Health. That’s the place online where there’s all kinds of studies on health, each performed by professionals in their fields. There was a study a few years ago called “Positive Effects of a Healthy Snack Versus an Unhealthy Snack on Subjective Reports of Mental and Physical Health: A Preliminary Intervention Study.” As we said, they’re professional scientists, not advertising copywriters. What they found in the study was fascinating. 

Results of the Study 

We won’t detail the study entirely (you can read the study for yourself here) but, they found that eating unhealthy snacks was associated with “greater emotional eating and depression.” To be clear, this isn’t “greater” in the context of “better,” but rather as a synonym for “more,” as in “it leads to even more emotional eating.” By that same token, they found that consumption of healthy snacks was associated with “lower anxiety, depression, and emotional distress […], similarly, scores for somatic symptoms, cognitive difficulties, and fatigue were greater” for those eating unhealthy snacks. 

What We Can Take From This 

Their findings were rather emphatic. No one is saying that eating our popcorn is going to “make someone less depressed” or “increase their cognitive abilities” or anything like that. It’s only delicious natural popcorn and coating. But what we can tell you is that snacking on this popcorn feels good. Moreover, it feels good at every step of the process. It feels good when you eat it (because it’s delicious) and it feels good later because you aren’t putting something that’s bad for you in your body. 

A Gift for Others, a Gift for You 

Malibu’s famous caramel popcorn makes for a great gift for anyone and for any occasion.  Occasion Gifts are great for Birthdays, Anniversaries, special Clients, and to say “hi” to friends! Everyone snacks, so give a gift of a healthy snack or order some for yourself.  You deserve a healthy snack too. There’s nothing wrong with sending yourself a healthy snack to enjoy for just about any reason that you like, not the least of which is “I’m hungry right now.” Check out all of the gourmet food gifts we have available at our site. 

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