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Wedding Gifts in the Time of COVID-19

Malibu Gift believes that no matter how tough things get, we can find a silver lining in anything. One silver lining is our belief that now, more than ever, food brings everyone together, even when far apart. Combine that with wedding season during social distancing and you need the perfect Malibu gourmet food gift to send to your newlywed friends. They’re probably feeling bittersweet and missing all their friends and family who couldn’t be there to celebrate with them on their big day. Sending them a treat from Malibu Gift not only will be a sweet gesture, it’ll be a sweet memory for years to come when they look back on their unique wedding day.

Surprise the Newlyweds with a Pre-Celebration Gift

During the age of social distancing, many couples have postponed their wedding celebrations until the end of the pandemic to protect their guests and themselves. However, we have noticed and are loving the trend of intimate backyard ceremonies where just a few close family members attend. Many are also having the ceremonies filmed for everyone who can’t be there and we see and love that beautiful silver lining in these trying times. Of course, this has led to guests wondering when they should give them the wedding present they bought. If you’re planning to wait until the reception or celebration months from now but are trying to find a small present for the time being to congratulate them, Malibu Gift is the perfect place to shop for the happy couple! 

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Celebrate from Afar with Malibu Gift’s Customized Gourmet Treat Gift Box 

Sending the newlyweds a gourmet treat box to show your excitement for them is the perfect placeholder for the larger gift you give them later on. Malibu Gift’s Customized Gourmet Treat Gift Boxes are excellent for any celebration but are especially great for special occasions during the pandemic. Visit our website to mix and match our luxurious offerings to create a unique gift tailored to the couple’s taste. We recommend picking 4-5 items with a personalized note to send, though you can choose as many as you like and we’ll take care of the rest! 

A Few Popular Combinations We Suggest

Knowing what the bride and groom (or groom and groom, or bride and bride!) like to snack on is a good indicator of what they’ll love the most from Malibu Gift. Do they have sweet tooths, or are they a bigger fan of something salty? Do they prefer dark chocolate or would they fancy a chocolate chip cookie? Not sure? Try a little of everything, there’s two of them anyways! We always love to pair two lighter items with two richer items, such as our signature Dark Chocolate Truffles and a bag of Dume Coffee with our Lemon Butter Cookies and our Classic Caramel Gourmet Popcorn. Add one of our Vintage Wine Accessories or Wine Glasses and it’s the perfect celebratory gift!


For more tips and suggestions on gift-giving with Malibu gourmet food gifts, call us today or visit our blog! 267.454.1124

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