Summery Treats for Barbeques, Cocktail Parties, and More!

Summer is in full swing here in the Los Angeles area and we’re excited about the fresh produce, healthy meals, and fruity cocktails that the season brings! At Malibu Gift, we have plenty of treats and gifts that complement the summertime. Our vegan gourmet popcorn, Lemon Butter Cookies, and more are the perfect addition to any summery occasion.

A Laid Back Summer Calls for Casual Luxury 

If you’re like us, you’re dying to get back to a normal summer filled with plenty of time on the beach, socializing with friends and family, unwinding, and just enjoying the time of year where everything slows down a bit. This year, we’re trading in the parties for smaller gatherings in our backyards. Fresh fruit, crusty baguette, barbeque, and of course, a few of Malibu Gift’s best summery treats! Our current favorite is our Signature Lemon Butter Cookies. These melt in your mouth, creamy cookies are perfect to bring to an outdoor gathering as they’re easy to pass around, pop in your mouth, and savor! Just remember to only touch one to avoid contact during these trying times!


Having an outdoor movie night with friends or family? Our Signature Gourmet Popcorn is a must-have! Caramel, cheddar, and dark chocolate make up our varieties, combining sweet and savory into one delicious snack! 


There’s nothing better than finally seeing loved ones after months of social distancing, even if it’s not going to be quite the same yet. An outdoor movie get-together is a fun and relatively safe way to catch up and enjoy some quality time together. Combine good friends and a classic movie with a few gourmet snacks from Malibu Gift and we can’t think of a better summer evening! 

vegan gourmet popcorn

Malibu Gift’s Summer Palette

Our summer sweets palette this year? Coconut, Lemon, Sea Salt Brown Butter, and Orange! These light yet incredibly satisfying flavors are a big part of what makes the Malibu Gift collection so special. Our Coconut Macaroon Gift Tin is the perfect gift for a host, a loved one far away, or to just treat yourself. We all know you deserve it! 


A hidden gem at Malibu Gift is our Sea Salt Brown Butter Drop cookies. These melt-in-your-mouth cookies also come chocolate dipped and pair perfectly with an afternoon cup of Dume Coffee or tea. Picture yourself sitting on your porch with these cookies and a good book for the best laid back summer afternoon. 


Last but certainly not least, our Dark Chocolate Orange Vodka Truffles are our late-night choice of decadence. If there’s a better combination than orange and chocolate, we certainly wouldn’t know it! Pair this Malibu Gift classic with a flute of champagne or dry white wine and you’ve got a sinfully decadent evening. 


Of course, you can’t go wrong with any of our signature gifts and treats this summer. It all depends on your taste and the palette you’re looking to create. From our vegan gourmet popcorn to our Lemon Butter Cookies, there’s something for everyone! Visit our website to find exactly what you’ll need for the perfect laid back summer. 

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