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Birthday Gifts, New Pet Treats, and more at Malibu Gift!

June is one of our favorite months here at Malibu Gift. It marks the beginning of summer, though the last few weeks of warmth have us feeling like it’s been here for a while now! Even with the pandemic still interrupting our daily lives, we’re determined to have a fun and safe summer. With our daily dose of Dume Coffee and gourmet food gifts to deliver, we know this will be a lowkey yet still busy and fun few months!

Birthday Gifts

Gift-giving never seems to be as easy as it should. If your gift-giving process goes from wanting to make something creative or find a unique present to scrambling to looking for anything remotely special at the last minute, Malibu Gift has exactly what you need! Malibu Gift brings together the perfect amount of creativity paired with familiar treats with a luxurious twist that everyone loves. Whether they’re a chocolate lover or coffee connoisseur, you can find something for your friend, family member, coworker, or client’s taste! Our signature chocolate truffles and caramel popcorn are perfect for this occasion as they’re festive and great for celebrations. Malibu Gift’s Dark Chocolate Truffles come in a variety of flavors like peanut butter, espresso, and many more. You’ll be sure to find their favorite! 


If your gift receiver isn’t crazy about chocolate but still love sweets, they’ll love our signature caramel popcorn. Having a tin of beautifully wrapped caramel popcorn arrive at their door will make their whole day feel special, especially if you live far from each other and can’t be there to spend the day with them. 

gourmet food gifts

If you’re looking for a gift that you’re absolutely certain they’ll like, you can’t go wrong with ordering one of our Dume Coffee blends. This signature staple from Malibu Gift is smooth and rich, yet not too strong nor acidic. It’s the perfect everyday coffee with a little added luxury. Besides, who doesn’t love their daily brew? Add a little essence to their morning routine!

New Treats for Your Pooch!

Exciting news at Malibu Gift! We have all new pet treats that now come with animal-friendly yogurt icing on top! Our current favorite is the Party Pet Treat Gift Box that includes 8 individually wrapped treats and a bag of heart treats as well. Each biscuit comes with a generous spread of the new yogurt icing on top and arrives in a signature Malibu Gift tin box. As always, these are natural, wholesome treats with minimal ingredients that won’t upset your pet’s stomach. Whole wheat flour, oats, canola oil, honey, and yogurt icing crude protein is all that goes into these safe and delicious treats. 

Having a Social Distancing Outdoor Party? Malibu Gift’s Wine Accessories are a Must Have!

Now that the weather is perfect here in L.A., many of you have begun a new trend of outdoor social distancing get-togethers! Grabbing a lawn chair and a bottle of wine to sit 6 feet apart from your friends is the best way to get in some socializing during the coronavirus while still playing it safe. One of our classic Malibu Gift Wine Tasting Boxes is the perfect gift for a host or to share with a friend and each keep a glass from! Pick out the perfect box for your next social distancing party to remember the simple times during the chaos of a pandemic. 


Visit our website and be sure to check out our Instagram, @malibugift, for updates and the best gourmet food gifts in California!  

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