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Best Corporate Gift Boxes for Employees

Did you see the MillerKnoll CEO “pity city” rant to her employees?  Don’t be that kind person or worse, boss!  Corporate gift boxes for employees and custom corporate gift boxes for clients are both ways to retain your clients AND your employees.  Thoughtful gifts for employees or a gift box for clients shows your appreciation to both for their hard work and loyalty.  And, it’s simple to do.  Give a gift from MalibuGift of gourmet chocolate with a personalized note telling them just what you think.  Imagine receiving a well-thought-out Gourmet Chocolate Gift with a specialized note thanking your employees or clients for their hard work and or loyalty to your Brand or business.  

Custom Corporate Gift Boxes

Corporate gifting is not just a “nice to do”, it’s a strategy for the retainment of clients and customers.  It’s also one of the cheapest forms of retainment.  Instead of paying out an employee bonus or spending money to advertise to your customer, stay in touch with gourmet gifts for employees or a small gift box for clients.  When you pick from one of MalibuGift’s pre-curated gift boxes for an employee or curate your own MalibuGift custom corporate gift box, you add a personal touch that goes a long way in connecting to anybody you gift.  Put a unique message in all your custom gift boxes with our printed scenic Malibu postcards and you create another bond between your company and clients or employees.  

Curated Gift Boxes for Employees

For your employee gift with a personalized touch, click on our customized gift box tab then select from a wide variety of gourmet ideas and develop personalized curated gift boxes for them.  Each employee brings unique benefits to their job, so why not remind them they are a special service to you and your business?  Corporate gifting for employees should have that personalized touch so leave a customized message we’ll print up for you on one of our Malibu scenic postcards.  

curated gift boxes for employees

Curated Gift Boxes for Clients

Each client is unique and so should your gift boxes for clients.  Some clients like gourmet english toffee and others like milk chocolate covered cherries.  One size does not fit all nor does one kind of gourmet chocolate.  Develop a personalized corporate gifting strategy and select a gourmet gift box for clients from our pre-curated gift boxes.  It’s easy with so many choices.  Just click, purchase, and we do the rest.  Oh, and don’t forget to leave your special message that we will include in your gift box.  

curated gift boxes for clients

Luxury Custom Gift Ideas for Clients

If you have high-end clients, your company wants to maintain that relationship.  What better way than giving a custom corporate gift?  Click on our Luxury Gift Box tab and choose from gift boxes starting at $25.  We suggest you look at all of our options which will allow you to add that sophisticated luxurious touch.  Some of our best MalibuGift customers know how to retain their clients with the perfect corporate gifting.  For instance, our Wine Find pre-curated gift box options will give you terrific options for a gift box for clients.  Etched wine glasses and beautifully themed wine pourers paired back to one of our gourmet chocolate options are just a couple of examples of how to add a luxurious touch to your corporate gifting.

Luxury custom gift box ideas

Gift Boxes for Remote Employees

Remote working is going strong even after the Covid scare.  Even when your employees are forced to come back to the office, it won’t be 5 days a week.  The need to stay connected with your employees still remains.  We suggest staying connected with gourmet gifts for employees.  Our pre-curated custom gift boxes are a perfect way to stay engaged with your employee while strengthening the bond needed to keep your employees productive and delivering results.  A MalibuGift pre-curated gift box or a MalibuGift custom gift box is a small cost for big employee engagement.  And, custom gift boxes can be an even better means of personally connecting.  Choose your own assortment by adding a personalized gift message giving a special touch.  

Corporate Gift Boxes for Any Occasion

When isn’t the right occasion to give a gift?  At MalibuGift, we can’t think of any.  Good, bad, or indifferent business cycles are all proper times for corporate gifting to clients or employees.  Any occasion is the best occasion to remind your clients and employees just how much they mean to you and your business.  Gifts for employees or a gift box for clients may be an added cost, but it’s an invaluable means of staying connected and will be the cheapest way to retain both.  We guarantee it.  

gift boxes for any occasion

Luxury Chocolate Gifts for Anyone

Who doesn’t like Gourmet Chocolate?  If sugar is a problem, check out MalibuGift’s sugar-free options.  There’s no excuse for not servicing your corporate gifting needs with a MalibuGift gourmet chocolate gift box.  If we haven’t defined your idea of luxury within our pre-curated gourmet gift boxes, curate your own by clicking on our customized gift box tab.  One of our best clients from the music industry in London created the most unique gift boxes for their “very special” clients.  She assorted a perfectly strange gift box for more than 80 clients with her choices of products that defined her choice of Luxury Chocolate Gifts.  

When curating your own Luxury Gift Box, we suggest selecting our gourmet english toffee or chocolate covered cherries to start.  Our soft center cream candies are also a terrific option.  Then, pair any of our gourmet chocolate treats back to our Roasted Coffee Beans or Loose Leaf Teas and you’ve curated a luxury chocolate gift for anyone you need to connect with.  Give a gift!

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  1. Excellent article, Brad! Indeed, one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to gifting, and therefore, incorporating variety is important. If you think of gourmet chocolate gifts, you can go for assorted maple truffles, assorted mints, a 12-piece pretzel gift box, or a 24-piece pretzel gift box. Likewise, you can choose from various solid chocolate molds, sugar-free candies, nuts and brittle, salt-water taffies, fudge, and gummies and jellies suited to the recipients’ tastes. Some fine chocolate sellers offer such corporate gifts with notes like “thank you”, “all the best”, “congratulations” and more, which can be chosen based on the gifting occasion.

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