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The Best Thank You Gifts for Realtors

The biggest celebration sometimes occurs around your biggest and most important purchase.  MalibuGift offers the most luxurious gourmet gifts to celebrate and has terrific ideas for a thank you gift for your realtor!  Or, if you’re an agent wanting to gift your client for choosing you for your professional services, choose from a pre-curated thank you gift for realtors at  A gourmet chocolate gift box is a perfect way to thank your client for that “big commission”.  If you want to add a special touch to any gift box, curate your own gift box by clicking on our Customized Gift Box tab at the top of our website.  Don’t forget to add your personal message that we will print on the back of one of our beautiful scenic Malibu postcards.  

Thank You Gift Ideas for Your Realtor

When you need a perfect gift box to send as a thank you gift for your realtor’s hard work during the most important purchase you’ll make, check out our luxurious gift boxes by clicking on our Occasions tab at the top of our site.  Our gourmet chocolate is a perfect gift for any occasion.  Your real estate agent deserves a personalized gift for the hard work they put in but not everybody sees it that way.  Don’t be a typical home-buyer client.  Give a gift and thank your real estate agent instead of counting the commission they’ve earned.  

Malibu Gift Box ideas for realtors

Thank You Gifts for Every Realtor

Buying and or selling real estate is an incredibly emotional experience. Even though it is a business transaction, sellers are still parting from their homes while buyers are working toward their future. You may find that you become personally connected with your Realtor. It’s understandable that you want to give them a gift. Any real estate agent will appreciate a gift you get outside of commission. This is never the wrong thing to do, especially if the gift is a gourmet chocolate gift option.  

If you’ve recently purchased or sold a house with the help of a real estate agent, you know how much support they offered throughout this major financial event. Maybe your real estate agent got you advantageous financing, sold your home quickly, or sold your home at a better price than you considered.  Whatever the case, thank you gifts are for every realtor.  

Personalized Gifts for Realtors

Some people stay friends with their Realtors long after they move into their homes. What starts out as a professional contract sometimes grows into a personal friendship. If you are on either side of the deal as a buyer or seller and enjoyed working with your Realtor, give them a gift now that the process is complete. 

What if your real estate agent has a “particular” taste?  Most do.  Properly trained real estate agents are sophisticated professionals with sophisticated tastes.  MalibuGift has the option to personalize gifts for realtors or for the real estate agent’s clients.  Click on our Customized Gift Box tab at the top of our site and curate your own personalized gift box.  Have your customized gift delivered with a personalized message printed on the back of one of our Malibu scenic postcards.  

What is a good thank you gift for your realtor?

For that luxurious thank you gift idea for your realtor, gourmet chocolate is a perfect choice.  Traditional gifts for real estate agents sometimes aren’t considered and expected to be part of their commission. Why not try giving something luxuriously sweet as a thank you to your real estate agent?  Send them a box of gourmet English toffee or chocolate covered cherries and personalize it with a gift message we’ll print and include in your gift box.  

Chocolate Covered Cherries

Non-Personal Thank You Ideas for Realtors

Well, no gift should be non-personal.  But, if your agent has been more of a transaction support, they still deserve a real estate agent gift.  Gourmet Chocolate in one of our 1-pound boxes is a terrific gift choice.  Don’t forget to add your gift message and start to create that bond.  You never know when you’ll need your real estate agent again.  Give a gift!

non personal thank you gift ideas for realtors

Custom Gift Box for Your Realtor 

Need an idea for a thank-you gift for your realtor?  Curate your own gift idea with a custom gift box for your realtor.  Click on our Custom Gift Box tab at the top of our site and pull together a personalized gift that includes all the “right gift ideas”.  Something sweet and or something savory?  An English Toffee gift box with nuts or without nuts?  A Chocolate Covered Cherries gift box in milk or dark chocolate?  Wine accessories of Etched Stemless Wine Glasses or a thematic Wine Aerator?  Choose how to say thank you to your realtor by selecting each individual item for that custom personalized gift box.  

custom gift box for realtor

Real Estate Agent Thank You Card

A personally curated gift deserves a personally delivered message.  When you order your luxurious gift box online at, simply add your personalized gift message in the box provided telling your recipient in detail just how you feel or deliver a simple message with your gift box.  Include a personalized message of thank you, get well, appreciation, you name it!  We’ll print your message on the back side of one of our beautiful scenic Malibu postcards giving your gift box that additional special touch.  Give a gift!  

Do you buy your realtor a gift?

In the world of real estate transactions, it’s not uncommon for clients to wonder if they should buy their realtor a gift as a token of appreciation. While it’s not a standard practice or an obligation, many homeowners choose to express their gratitude with a thoughtful gesture. Browse our curated list of gifts that are perfect for showing your realtor just how much you valued their assistance.

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