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Treat Boxes for Sale Under $25

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  • Browned Butter CookieGourmet Cookies

    Sea Salt Browned Butter Cookies

  • SoCal Blend Coffee Beans by MalibuGift

  • Malibu’s Roasted Pistachios

  • Malibu’s Roasted Cashews

  • Gourmet Chocolate

    Chocolate Walnut Whipping Cream Fudge

  • Malibu’s Roasted Almonds

  • MalibuGift’s The Americas Blend Coffee Beans

  • coffee gift idea for retiring mom

    Cold Brew Blend Ground Coffee

  • The Euro Blend Coffee Beans by MalibuGift

  • Pecan Rolls


Shopping on a budget? No worries here. Pick up delightful treats for the whole family with a little help from Malibu Gift. Our bargain treat boxes for sale offer delights from chocolate-covered pretzels to Boston baked beans. These gourmet treats under $25 are perfect for office gift exchanges, Hanukkah gifts, stocking stuffers, or those little “just because” presents. From sweet to savory and from salt shakers to wine stoppers, we’ve got an eye-catching delight for everybody. You can even let your pets in on the fun with gourmet goodies made especially for them. Let Malibu Gift’s wide array of treat boxes for sale inspire you as you pick up those little things for your loved ones.

In search of thoughtful and budget-friendly gift boxes under $25? You have a myriad of options at your fingertips. Soy wax candles make a sought-after addition to various gift boxes, providing a calming aroma and inviting atmosphere for any space. You might also want to include a coffee mug, perfect for enjoying a warm beverage during a leisurely weekend morning. If your recipient is a coffee aficionado, think about adding a bag of their preferred coffee beans to the box.

For an indulgent delight, brookie cookies offer a scrumptious fusion of the finest elements from both brownies and cookies. And let’s not forget the pièce de résistance—a chocolate truffle sampler that promises to satiate any dessert lover’s craving. These gift boxes present an effortless and budget-friendly means to demonstrate your affection without putting a dent in your wallet. At Malibu Gift, we offer a vast array of choices catering to all budgets. Find everything you need at prices that won’t strain your wallet. These gifts are perfect for any occasion or celebration.