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The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts Besides Chocolate

Think outside the (chocolate) box this year and surprise your valentine with a more unconventional gift. Let’s look at some non-chocolate gifting options!

Flowers and chocolate. Chocolate and flowers. Maybe jewelry every so often. Have you fallen into a February rut? Has your valentine learned to expect the same few things every year? Throw them for a loop this 2022 and browse some more interesting options. The look of joy and surprise on their face as they open up your unique gift will be a bonus gift for you.

Think about the things your valentine loves that don’t involve chocolate, roses, or jewelry. Maybe all they really want this Valentine’s Day is a movie night with you, or a box of goodies without a bonbon in sight. Kick your old gifting habits and make the 14th an unforgettable day this year. Why not browse the best Valentine’s Day gifts that aren’t chocolate and pick one that speaks to you and your sweetheart?

Salty Snacks

Some people don’t have as much of a sweet tooth as the rest of us do! If your valentine would rather eat a pickle than a slice of chocolate cake, surprise them with an arrangement of salty and savory treats. You don’t have to banish sweets completely—think about salted caramel!—but consider adding these goodies to your loved one’s edible gift:

  • Roasted nuts (almonds, cashews, and peanuts are popular choices)
  • Kale chips (why not bake them yourself with their favorite seasonings?)
  • Pretzels (without the chocolate coating, of course)
  • Their favorite snacky foods (even if it’s something simple like potato chips!)

For a little more luxurious flair, set up a charcuterie board with crackers, artisanal meats and cheeses, and even a few grapes or figs. They’ll munch in style and enjoy the savory bites, not to mention the extra thought you put into the gift.

Self-Care Supplies

Encourage your loved one to pamper themselves with a hand-picked assortment of bath products and feel-good items. Think about their tastes and routines at every step of the gifting process! Do they prefer showers, or do they like to indulge in a long bath from time to time? For a bath-taker, choose two or three bath bombs in scents you know they like. A shower enthusiast will love a luxurious scrub or shower gel to make their routine a little more special.

Self-care doesn’t end in the tub, though! What makes your sweetheart feel calm and at ease? The following items are also wonderful for their “me time”:

  • A meditative coloring book and a set of smooth, high-quality colored pencils
  • Cozy shearling-lined slippers
  • A box of their favorite tea with a special mug
  • A weighted blanket, roughly 10 percent of their body weight

Let your loved one know that you care deeply not only about their physical well-being, but about their happiness! A self-care gift is like a hug they can keep with them even when you’re not around.

Coffee—and Coffee Accessories

Wake your sweetheart up on the morning of the 14th with a cup of gourmet joe. Malibu Gift’s coffee offerings are far superior to the grocery store or the gas station. It’s more than just a wake-up elixir—it’s an experience.

Whether your loved one prefers their beans sourced in the Americas or in Europe, we’ve got you covered. If you prefer to create your own gift basket, just grab a bag or two of our beans. If you need a little help putting together the perfect gift box for coffee lovers, never fear. We’ve got assortments that include gorgeous coffee mugs and espresso shot glasses for the more adventurous coffee enthusiast.

To elevate your coffee gift even more, consider adding one of the following:

  • A French press for meticulous brewing
  • A quality coffee grinder for those gourmet beans
  • An espresso maker to go with Malibu Gift’s adorable shot glasses
  • A travel mug so they can enjoy their top-tier coffee on the go

Just because you’re eschewing the chocolate this year doesn’t mean consumable gifts are off the table. Give your sweetheart the fuel they need to make the most out of every day!


Sure, you could take them out to dinner at a fancy restaurant, complete with wine and candlelight. Why not make the Valentine’s Day experience extra special? If you’re going out for dinner, go to the restaurant where you had your first date, if applicable. Order the same meals and get to know each other better, just like you did in the beginning.

Sometimes, though, you want something a little different. If your sweetheart is a movie buff, treat them to movie tickets—or even a special night at home. Rent or buy a movie you both love and make a whole experience out of it. Pick up some of your favorite movie-theater candies and snacks. Commit to the bit and get some slushies or large fountain drinks from the gas station and pop a big bowl of popcorn to share.

Other experiences you can harness at home include:

  • Playing your loved one’s favorite video games, even if you’re not very good
  • Virtually touring a museum or historic landmark
  • Creating something with your hands—have an arts and crafts night!
  • Cooking a delicious dinner together

Whether you go out on the town or stay inside, you can give your loved one the gift of your time and thoughtfulness. Your effort will make them grin from ear to ear.

Matching Apparel

Who cares if some people think it’s corny? Matching jammies are comfy and cute for both of you. Go for a classic top and pants, or get ultra-cozy with footie pajamas or animal-themed kigurumis.

Lots of couples also get a kick out of coordinating t-shirts. Popular slogans include:

  • “If lost, return to [Name]” / “I’m [Name]”
  • “Naughty” / “Nice”
  • “Queen” / “King”
  • “I don’t do matching shirts” / “But I do!”

Don your matching tees next time you go out together, whether you’re grocery shopping or having a casual lunch. If t-shirts aren’t your jam, an identical pair of Hawaiian shirts will make you and those around you smile.

This Valentine’s Day, think as far outside the (plastic, heart-shaped) box as possible and give your loved one an unexpected gift. When you ditch the roses and bonbons for a tailor-made experience, they’ll look forward to whatever you’ve got in store for next year. The best Valentine’s Day gifts besides chocolate can be either tangible items or unforgettable experiences. It’s your thought that matters, so start thinking today!

The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts Besides Chocolate
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