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The Best Unique Chocolate Gifts for Your Valentine

This Valentine’s Day, go beyond the classic heart-shaped box from the grocery store. Treat your loved one to a unique and luxurious selection of sweets.

Jewelry, flowers, chocolates—you know what your valentine loves best. If the sweet one in your life has a sweet tooth, surprise them this year with a gourmet chocolate gift box. Go for luxuriousness with the best unique chocolate gifts for your valentine.

Cookie Gifts

Your valentine may expect a box of chocolate truffles or bonbons, but confectioners can dip just about anything in chocolate! Chocolate-covered sandwich cookies and s’mores are sure to delight with every bite.


Whether you bake it yourself or order it from a favorite bakery or restaurant, a decadent chocolate cake is a unique twist on a sweet gift. Watch your loved one grin as they cut into a gooey lava cake or layers of rich dark chocolate sponge.

Chocolate-Covered Fruit

As mentioned before, candy makers dip all kinds of delicious foods into chocolate. Cherries, strawberries, raspberries, chunks of pineapple–a rich chocolate coating brings them all to the next level. Pick up a box of chocolate-covered cherries online! They may look like classic bonbons on the outside, but your loved one will find a tart surprise when they take that first bite.

Artisan Truffles

Resist the urge to buy your sweet gifts at any old grocery store. Treat them to a handpicked assortment of artisan chocolate truffles made by hand from only the finest ingredients.

A Little Bit of Everything

Why not assemble your own gift basket this year? Mix and match your loved one’s favorite treats, whether they enjoy salted caramels or sweet strawberries. Chocolate is a versatile ingredient that meshes well with dozens of different flavors. Bring a little chocolate to each sweet! Your valentine will appreciate the extra thought you put into choosing what they love best.

Get a head start on your Valentine’s Day shopping this year by thinking ahead. What can you do this year that’s a little different? Assemble the perfect gift for your loved one. Choose from the best unique chocolate gifts for your valentine and bring decadence to the occasion.

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