Consider Giving Antique Culinary Gifts to Your Food Loving Friends

Malibu Gift 06/01/20
antique culinary gifts

At the time of giving presents, you have probably found it hard to give gifts to some of your more food-oriented friends. What should you give them? Should you get them something to eat? That’s always a good idea, but it’s so ephemeral that giving food all by itself usually doesn’t do it. It’s in…

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Malibu Wine Glasses To Help You Celebrate Wine Culture

Malibu Gift 04/20/20
malibu wine glasses to help you celebrate wine culture

Wine culture is something that few people outside of it understand. People wonder what it is about a drink that sparks such passion in people. What they don’t know is that wine culture is a result of a long history spanning thousands of years. Our Malibu wine glasses are specifically designed for you to be…

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COVID-19 : Food Safety Information from Malibu Gift

Malibu Gift 03/20/20
holidays, birthdays, anniversaries

Our MalibuGift team thought you’d like to know a little bit about the food safety process related to the COVID-19 virus and the regulations we follow to ensure safety.  At MalibuGift, we are committed to delivering gifts of affordable luxurious Gourmet Food gifts curated in Malibu, California for anybody and for any occasion. For weeks…

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MalibuGift Wine Collection Accessories

Malibu Gift 03/16/20
vintage wine accessories

Wine is much more than just a cocktail with an extensive culture.  People collect it, sip it, share it, hord it and all with unparalleled gusto and dedication. Wine connoisseurs enjoy pairing up their wine with the right gourmet food, custom glasses, AND the right wine accessories. At MalibuGift, we are surrounded with a passion…

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