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Like Family: Heartfelt Gifts for Your Nanny or Babysitter

Any time is the perfect time to show a bit of extra gratitude for all your caregiver does for your family with a luxurious and thoughtful gift. Holidays are especially good times to think about great babysitter gift ideas or even nanny gift ideas for those who have a little extra help throughout the year. At, we have plenty of great gift ideas to help point you in the right direction for a perfect babysitter gift ideas and for nanny gift ideas for that urban city sitter that you could not do without.  

Personalized Gift Boxes for Your Nanny or Babysitter

After sorting through for that specially curated gift idea, check out our Customized Gift Box tab located at the top of the website.  Here is where you can add that special touch to your gift box by assorting additional gift ideas that make your gift special.  Or, for the creative gifter or inspirational gift recipient, completely curate your own gift box by selecting an awesome personalized assortment of gourmet treats and or accouterments to make your babysitter or nanny feel as special as they are.  

gourmet gift boxes

Best Selling Treats For Nanny Gifts

Whether it be a handful of birthdays or the holiday season, there always seems to be an endless list of people you need to buy a perfect gift for. Yes, this includes your nanny or babysitter. Everyone knows that when you find a good one, they’re nearly irreplaceable and just the “best”. Plus, they save your life on days when something unexpected pops up or you simply need a break. Nannies and babysitters are a gift in themselves, and to show them your appreciation is to find the perfect gift.

This is no easy task but MalibuGift luckily has come up with many thoughtful gift ideas that do just that. Select our Best Selling tab at the top of the site for the first round of perfect gift ideas to choose from for your babysitter or nanny. Whether they’re a chocolate lover or a home decor lover, there’s something in here for every kind of special sitter. We think we have found the best gifts that will show them how much they mean to you (and ensure they stay a while). Take a look at our best selling gift choices we’ve come up with.

Luxury Babysitter Gift Ideas

While there are certainly thousands of budget-friendly gifts on the market, one of the best parts about buying a gift for a loved one is the chance to spoil them with a luxurious gift they might never buy for themselves. Whether you’re shopping for your now-and-then babysitter, or your everlasting nanny, or just a friend, we’ve rounded up many different luxurious gourmet gift options that any person in your life is bound to enjoy this year! Our gourmet list of gifts includes a present for every type of woman, especially the chocolate-loving ones! Sharing chocolates with loved ones and family will bring everyone closer together.

salted carmel for any occasion

Simple Gifts to Say Thank You 

If your babysitter comes over to help out every now and then, we have a great assortment to give them within our category of gifts under $50.  For the simple gift with a simple gift message, choose from our famous and English Toffee Sticks or our best selling Chocolate Covered Cherries. These gourmet chocolate gifts are a perfect “thank you” for all the help they give throughout the year! Check out our Customized Gift Box tab at the top of the site and add a personalized gift item to your gourmet gift. 

chocolate covered cherries

Babysitter Gift Ideas Worth Sharing

If you know of someone who is inundated with daily tasks and in need of a special gift for those who help out, share our gifting ideas with them. Our gift boxes under $100 offer great ideas for that special babysitter or nanny who helps out. Forward our link at the top of the website for great gifting ideas.

custom gift box ideas

Coffee Gift Ideas

Let’s be clear, your nanny or babysitter may need a little extra energy in their gift of gratitude from you! After all, they’re doing your work and they use even more energy! Check out our roasted coffee bean & tea assortments along with all the accouterments that have been curated into terrific gift options that can offer some needed caffeine-induced energy. Our Campfire Mugs are a terrific gift idea paired back to our ½ lb of Gourmet Roasted Coffee Beans in a Bold, Medium or Mild roast. Throw in a 1 lb box of your gourmet chocolate choice and you have a terrific idea of a gift to give your babysitter or nanny.

Coffee enthusiast gift box

Token of Appreciation for Your Babysitter or Nanny

Sometimes a token of your appreciation is all you think you can offer your favorite babysitter or nanny. However, kind words don’t always cut through to the clear appreciation you have for them. Give a MalibuGift gourmet gift box when that’s the case. Check out our luxury gourmet gift boxes to help cut through the verbal clutter and right to the appreciation for your babysitter or nanny!  

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