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Gift Basket Ideas for Children Who Have Gone off to College

When you wave goodbye to that college kid in your life, start brainstorming gift ideas. Let them know from afar how loved and cherished they are.

Whether they’re a freshman or a senior, an undergrad or a Ph.D. candidate, the college students in your life could always use a little pick-me-up. And everyone loves getting mail! Surprise your studious loved one with thoughtful gift baskets and customized treat boxes throughout the year. It doesn’t matter if you’re sending them school supplies or chocolate truffles—they’ll be delighted to open a package from you. Peruse these gift basket ideas for children who have gone off to college and get your creative mind working. Sweeten up their school year with these suggestions!

Essential Tech Basket

Everyone loses their charger sometimes. It’s annoying, isn’t it? And a college kid who frequents the campus library at three in the morning can’t be without one. Fill a basket or box with tech necessities like phone and laptop chargers, flash drives, Bluetooth speakers for their dorm room or apartment, and noise-canceling headphones or earbuds. They’ll be thankful for those headphones during study sessions! Roommates can be great company, but they can also be a source of distracting noise. Give the college student in your life the gift of peace and quiet. Additionally, you can include a handy zippered bag for them to carry all their chargers, USB sticks, and earbuds. It’ll become a staple in their backpack or book bag.

Self-Care Basket

College schedules can get hectic. When will your loved one have time to pause and catch their breath? Encourage them to practice self-care and take it easy sometimes. Send them a basket packed with goodies like face masks, hand cream, and an assortment of teas. Discreetly ask your loved one if they’ve got access to a bath—not all college kids do!—and if so, throw in a bath bomb or two. For students living in a dorm, gift them aromatherapy options like lavender pillow mist and an essential oil diffuser. If they’ve got an apartment, treat them to a candle or a packet of incense in their favorite scent. You know the college kid in your life better than anyone. Customize the basket to their tastes and top it off with a handwritten letter or card, uplifting them and encouraging them to tackle their studies with confidence.

Sweet Treat Basket

Ensure that they eat something besides ramen noodles by sending them a customized basket full of their favorite sweet treats. The college student in your life will grin from ear to ear when they open one of Malibu Gift’s customized treat boxes; fill it with their faves! Everyone deserves a little indulgence from time to time, especially busy college students. Choose from chocolate truffles and cream candies, gourmet cookies, and even quality coffee beans to fuel their late-night study sessions. A box of dark chocolate truffles on their desk will encourage your college kid to study in luxury. Plus, a box or basket full of goodies will encourage them to make new friends—who doesn’t love sweets? Sharing the deliciousness is part of the gift!

Home Comfort Basket

Younger college students, especially those teenage freshmen, can often get homesick. Even seniors and grad students find themselves yearning for home comforts. Why not pack up a taste of home and ship it off to your loved one? Arrange a basket or box with items that remind them of their home and childhood, from stuffed animals to family photos. Have a custom photo album made and fill it with their happiest memories. If they miss your home cooking, write down the recipes for their favorite dishes. Help them make their new space a cozy one by making a quilt out of the old T-shirts they don’t wear anymore (with their consent, of course!). They’ll snuggle up and stave off that homesickness in a blanket literally sewn from fond old memories.

School Supply Basket

When your loved one has fresh stationery and brand-new school supplies, they’ll have more fun studying! Invest in their grades by packing a box or basket with fresh notebooks, high-quality pens, and highlighters in their favorite colors. Bullet journals are all the rage right now; they’re easy to customize and more unique than the classic college-ruled notebook. When you send them those pens and pencils, don’t forget a desk organizer to keep their study space from drowning in clutter. Include a wall calendar with a fun theme, like kittens or cartoon characters, to make them smile. And if they’ve got textbooks to buy and are strapped for money, surprise them with a small wad of cash or a gift card. A little financial help goes a long way for a college student.

Life Skills Basket

Now that your loved one is living on their own, make sure they’ve got some essential life skills down pat. There are dozens of advice books for college kids out there, with instructions on everything from how to do laundry to how to sew a button back on. Include a comprehensive advice book, a basic tool kit or multitool, a sewing kit, and a small bottle of laundry detergent in their favorite scent. Equip them with knowledge and write them an encouraging letter or inscription in the advice book you’ve included. Let them know you’re rooting for them—and that aluminum foil can’t go in the microwave! The greatest gift you can add to this basket is your own wisdom. Be a resource for them; what we call “common sense” doesn’t come naturally to everyone. College is a learning experience for every student, and not just in the classroom.

Saying goodbye to the college student in your life is always hard. Make that goodbye easier on both of you by sending thoughtful gift baskets throughout the year. When you personalize each box or basket, you tell your loved one that you’re thinking of them and that you want them to succeed. When they’ve got chocolate treats or new stationery sitting at their desk, their studies will be less stressful. Each basket you send will lift their spirits. With these gift basket ideas for children who have gone off to college, Malibu Gift can help you bring that smile to their face.

Gift Basket Ideas for Children Who Have Gone off to College
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