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Simple Ways To Celebrate a Family Member’s Birthday

No matter their age or stage of life, everybody deserves a celebration on their birthday. Make that special person the center of attention all day!

Nothing makes a person feel special quite like loved ones remembering their birthday. Whether you let them know ahead of time or make it a surprise, turn their big day into a gift that keeps on giving. From the minute they wake up to the moment they drift off to sleep, pack the day with gifts and activities you know they love. With a generous selection of simple ways to celebrate a family member’s birthday, Malibu Gift will help you bring a memorable experience to your loved one. By the end of the day, they’ll be counting down to their next one! Flex your hosting skills and bring cheer to that special family member with these ideas.

Start the Celebration Early

Kick off your family member’s special day with a breakfast fit for royalty. You know what they love better than anyone else, so get that pampering started early. Cook a big breakfast yourself or have a meal delivered. Are they a breakfast fiend? Go with the classics: waffles, sausage, scrambled eggs, and a jug of fancy maple syrup. If they’re not big on breakfast, make their favorite lunch or dinner and serve it up bright and early. A full and balanced meal early in the day will keep your loved one in high spirits, with the energy to enjoy the rest of their special day.

Go On a (Virtual) Tour

Before their big day, ask them a little bit about their dreams. Where have they always wanted to go? What sights have they always wanted to see but never got around to it? So many people miss out on fantastic artwork and artifacts due to financial and travel constraints. However, a virtual tour removes those constraints and whisks them into a new place for a day. They—and you—can cross oceans in mere minutes.

Over the past year and a half, dozens of prestigious museums have opened their virtual doors to the stay-at-home public. And most of them are free, too! Your birthday guest can tour the world, from the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City to the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy. Virtual tours offer thousands of years’ worth of visually stunning history at your fingertips.

Is your birthday guest not a museum person? Queue up a few virtual outdoor tours. The Great Wall of China, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and Machu Picchu are all available to wander as long as you’ve got an internet connection. No plane tickets or hotel reservations are needed!

Play Their Favorite Games

Let your guest of honor call the shots for the day! Depending on the age of your family member, your selection of games may look different. If you’ve got a kid in the house celebrating their big 1-0—double digits!—play their favorite board games or stage an elaborate action-figure battle. Adults need to get a little silly every so often, and engaging in imaginative play with kids is beneficial for everyone.

If you’re hosting a more grown-up event, have your game selection reflect that. There are plenty of card games designed for adults that will keep you laughing all day—ask your family member what their favorites are. A family member who’s just turned 21 may want to add some grown-up beverages to the festivities, too! Keep their drinks of choice, both alcoholic and otherwise, on hand. (If you choose to add alcohol to the party, keep your guests well-hydrated too.) If you’re feeling creative, you can even create a signature cocktail or mocktail in honor of your family member.

For the more sentimentally inclined birthday honorees, make a trivia game that’s all about them. How well do all of you really know your guest of honor? Make up a variety of silly, heartfelt, easy, difficult, fond, and thoughtful questions. The game may inspire you all to tell stories and reminisce on your fondest times together. After the party ends, give your family member the game as another gift.

Set Out a Smorgasbord

Your loved one’s big day is going to be full of activities. As you all enjoy your fun-filled celebration, have various snack foods out for munching throughout the day. You’ve got to keep your energy up, after all! A salami-and-cheese plate for the adults, or celery and peanut butter for the kids: there are plenty of delicious and creative options for finger foods.

Make sure you have all of your family member’s favorite sweet and salty treats represented at the snack table. A sweet birthday treat box from Malibu Gift is an indispensable addition to the birthday cornucopia. From English toffee to specialty coffee beans, we offer options for everybody. Younger guests of honor will love chocolate chip cookies and peanut butter goodness, and an assortment of dark chocolates will touch any grown-up birthday honorees.

Have a Cozy Movie Night

You may feel tempted to let the party peter out as the sun begins to set. But don’t let your guest of honor’s special day end with a fizzle! For dinner, order pizza (or their favorite nostalgic party food) and pop some popcorn. If your other party guests are members of your household, you can all change into your pajamas if you’re so inclined. And no matter what your age, a cozy pillow-and-blanket fort is heaven.

Put a decorative bow on your remote control and lovingly gift it to your guest of honor—they’re in control for the night! Whether it’s a classic rom-com, a meaty biopic, or a marathon of their favorite childhood cartoons, watch their faves with them. Everybody loves to share the things they love with others. Let them share their favorite movies and shows with you. That experience will be the perfect cherry on top of a delightful day.

From engaging games to birthday treat boxes, shower your special family member with unforgettable experiences on their birthday. It only comes around once a year, so make each one count. Next time someone special in your family turns another year older, break out some of these simple ways to celebrate a family member’s birthday.

Simple Ways To Celebrate a Family Member’s Birthday
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