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MalibuGifts Gourmet Food Treats Bring You Uniquely Delicious Cookie Gifts

Who doesn’t love cookies? There are so many different kinds that these can easily appeal to all sorts of tastes, dietary restrictions, and preferences. At MalibuGift, we know just how important it is to offer an array of “the best” cookies so that everyone can find ones they like. For a lot of people, cookies aren’t complete unless they have some sort of chocolate in them. However, if chocolate is not exactly what you are looking for then try our sea salt brown butter cookies, lemon butter cookies, vegan oatmeal, macarons, or other choices offered online.  These cookies all make luxurious gourmet food gifts for yourself or anyone else. 

Chocolate Cookies

Chocolate is a key ingredient of cookies for most people out there. After all, who doesn’t love the taste of softened chocolate chips buried in the dough? And what about brookie cookies that implement some of the best of both desserts? Doesn’t that crumbly fudgy texture drive you crazy with each bite? Simply incomparable. We have got all sorts of unique approaches to chocolate cookie recipes. We have chocolate chip cookies, brookie cookies, and all sorts of other choices that implement bits of chocolate to highlight the rest of the ingredients. This equally tasteful and luxurious use of chocolate is bound to deliver you a wonderful dessert experience. You will love to indulge in a few (or a lot) of these cookies.

gourmet food treats

Brown Butter Cookies

Of course, at Malibu gourmet food gifts we make sure to provide you with enough variety in order to appeal to a wide array of tastes. That’s why, if maybe chocolate isn’t for you, we have other cookies. Our lemon butter cookies, for example, capture a classic, simple, and no less flavorful experience. The zesty lemon and the buttery texture have made these cookies into irresistible classics. We both know that it’s impossible to eat just one of these. Additionally, for those who seek contrasting flavors, we have our sea salt brown butter drop cookies, which combine sweet and salty in an ultimately wonderful cookie that delivers on several counts. Regardless of your particular taste, we have something for you.

Macarons and Specialty Cookies

Of course, traditional cookies are not the end-all for you and neither is it for us. We make a real effort to create different cookie assortments that are both traditional and unique.  For example, our coconut macaroons are as addictive as possible. This new take on the classic French cookies has a hint of almond in it and is amazing.  If that’s not your style, we have developed specialty cookies like our chocolate chip cookie sandwiches and buttercream filling. These are casually luxurious treats that will not disappoint. Trust us, we’ve had more than one. 

Any Occasion Gourmet Food and Cookie Gifts from MalibuGift

Both our NEW “Brookie Cookie” and our amazing Sea Salt Brown Butter cookies are great gift choices of gourmet food treats from MalibuGift that deliver a casually luxurious experience to yourself, your family, friends, clients, and even pets!  Please browse through our online shop. You are bound to find something sweet and special.

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