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Sweet Journey Through Time: The History of Chocolate Covered Cherries

Our best-selling Chocolate Covered Cherries seem to have quite a history.  Although some of the most popular historical information on Chocolate Covered Cherries is a bit elusive, our research shows the popularity of this luxurious sweet treat endures and remains a delightful treat to gift or enjoy yourself.

Origin of Chocolate Covered Cherries

What we do know explicitly about the history of chocolate covered cherries is that combining chocolate and fruit became most popular post the historical period of the Aztecs and Mayans cultivating and consuming chocolate. The history of chocolate covered cherries likely evolved in Europe during the 19th century as people eventually experimented with different flavors and textures in their chocolate treats. It is then believed that the creation of this amazing chocolate treat emerged as a candy staple during the 20th century. Sources attribute the creation of chocolate covered cherries to creative confectioners or chocolatiers who were interested in developing more and more indulgent chocolate treat options.  

In the 21st century, chocolate covered cherries have become associated with holidays, celebrations, romance, and gift-giving. As with many confections, there are now new various innovations of chocolate covered cherries including variations of chocolate coatings and variations of cherry fillings. Today, chocolate covered cherries are often enjoyed and gifted as a luxurious treat for special occasions.  

chocolate covered cherries

Their Role in Society

Chocolate gifts specifically chocolate covered cherries are often associated with expressions of love and affection, making them a common choice for Valentine’s Day or most other special occasions. It is also a common feature at social gatherings, special events, and networking functions. Chocolate can sometimes serve as a social lubricant, facilitating discussion and creating a sense of enjoyment when offered during communal activities.  

How Chocolate Covered Cherries Have Changed Over Time

Liqueur Base

The combination of liquor and chocolates has a long and luxurious history, blending the indulgent flavors of cacao with the specific notes of various liquors. In the early 18th century, chocolate houses became social hubs in many European cities. During this time, chocolate started being paired with different types of alcohol, creating variations of spiked chocolate drinks. Chocolatiers and confectioners then began experimenting with various spirits incorporated into their chocolate treats. This tradition has been carried on to today. However, most chocolate treats are now enjoyed by all age groups so these types of chocolate treats infused with liquor are limited in most chocolate candy assortments.  

Flavors or Variety

Today, MalibuGift offers both traditional milk chocolate covered cherries and dark chocolate covered cherries in both 1 lb and 2 lb fancy candy boxes.  If your dietary considerations include less or no sugar, check out our sugar free chocolate covered cherries sweetened with maltitol.  Maltitol is commercially produced from the starch of cereals such as corn, wheat, and potatoes.  Confectioners resort to D-maltose catalytic hydrogenation to create a hydrogenated disaccharide composed of a glucose molecule and a sorbitol molecule that are bonded together. 

chocolate covered cherries

The Future of Chocolate Covered Cherries

The future of chocolate covered cherries and most chocolate candy products will likely be influenced by several trends and innovations that respond to changing consumer preferences, sustainability concerns, and technological advancements.  

With the growing importance of emphasizing health and wellness, there will be an increase in demand for chocolate covered cherries and all chocolate-based candies that incorporate healthier ingredients such as dark chocolate with a higher cocoa content and reduced sugar.  It’s why most of our chocolate candy assortments include both dark and milk chocolate options.  Other ingredients with antioxidants and superfoods will eventually be incorporated into many chocolate assortments.  

Also, the rise of plant-based diets and alternative ingredients may lead to the development of chocolate covered cherries and other chocolate candies that cater to vegan and vegetarian consumers.  Plant-based milk alternatives are potentially optional ingredient substitutions used in newer chocolate recipes.  

Chocolatiers will evolve their assortments of chocolate covered cherries and or chocolate candies to address future food trends.  They will continue to experiment with innovative sweeteners, traditional flavor combinations, and liquors.  This could include unique pairings with spices, herbs, and other infused exotic fruits to create distinctive and memorable taste experiences.  Check out MalibuGift to see our ever-evolving gourmet chocolate assortments that address both traditional and newer food trends. 

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