Malibu’s Sweet Client Gift Box



Give a Gift, celebrate, and stay in touch with Friends or Clients by sending Malibu’s Sweet Client Gift Box.  We curate a beautiful gift box of assorted Chocolate Creams and our gourmet Chocolate Chip Cookies.

This casual but luxurious way of reaching out is perfect for when you can’t be there in person or when you want to remind someone how much they mean to you!   Give a Gift of Malibu’s Sweet Client Gift Box or one of our many other Gift Boxes curated for your special occasion gifting needs.

If you would like to curate your own Gift Box, use our our Customized Gift Box option and build a personalized assortment of Gourmet Gift Treats!


Dark Chocolate Creams

Dark chocolate lovers agree that our Dark Chocolate Creams are different and devour-able. Combining the heart healthy goodness of dark chocolate and delicious creamy centers, these highly coveted dark chocolate gifts includes 3 flavors of our large Dark Chocolate Creams

Chocolate Chip Cookie Tin

Malibu Famous sweet chocolate chunk cookies individually packaged in 3’s and shipped in our sustainable Gift tin.  These casually luxurious classic cookies are our best seller!  It’s a great gift to receive and a great Gift to Give yourself too


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