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When to Reward Your Dog with Some Healthy Pet Treats

If there’s something certain about dog treats it’s that dogs love them. You know your dog will go crazy the moment you even approach the shelf where you keep those treats. They definitely make your dogs very happy, which, in turn, will make you very happy as well. Getting some healthy pet treats for your dog will be a great reward for both of you.

Treating Your Dog to Some Treats

Yes, giving your dog some pet treats is always fun. You almost want to see your dog happy whenever possible. However, just like you are not treating yourself at all times, you need to be careful about giving treats to your dog. It’s not that it’s rocket science, but it is something you need to be cautious about. There are certain rules that are good to keep in mind so that these treats don’t lose their charm or their effectiveness.

healthy pet treats

When to Give Treats

The most common case scenario for giving your pet a treat is rewarding them for good behavior in order to train them. If you are potty-training your dog or if you are encouraging them to eat all their food, these are great ways of rewarding them and conditioning them. Over time, your dog will no longer need the treats in order to behave appropriately! Be sure to take a few precautions when giving your dog their treats. For once, make sure that the ingredient list doesn’t have anything your pup is allergic to or that the calorie count is not exceeding medical recommendations. Lastly, always remember to give your dog some space, not just while they’re getting their treat, but while they’re eating in general. They usually won’t like to be bothered while they enjoy their food.

What Not to Do

First of all, it’s good to remember not to give your dog too many treats. Their diet should obviously consist mainly of their actual food. This should be their main source of nutrients, which is why the treats should be given sparsely and in a way that doesn’t intervene with their actual diet. Also, try not to give dogs any treats when they are hyped or excited. These could lead to them getting too jumpy. You also need to make sure never to give your dogs human snacks since they can be quite harmful. Best case scenario, they have more calories than your dog should be having. Worst? The food could be actively bad or even poisonous for them. Chocolate, for example, is really bad for a pet. 

Get the Best Healthy Pet Treats

We all love our dogs and want them to have everything they could possibly want or desire. Of course, you can’t just give them a bite of your steak, as this could potentially make them sick. When you wish to reward them, you probably want to give them healthy pet treats that can make them happy while also being good for them. You can find some great options here at Malibu Gift. These wonderful and nutritious pet treats will make sure your pup feels rewarded and cared for.

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