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Vegan Dessert Gifts for that Special Someone in Your Life

Who doesn’t enjoy a good dessert after a nice meal? Pretty much everyone loves to indulge in a sweet, sugary treat following lunch or dinner. In fact, just because you have a dietary restriction, you shouldn’t be left out of the custom. Yes, if you are vegan you still should be able to enjoy a good, abundant dessert. Hence, we at Malibu Gift have developed a few vegan dessert gifts for you to give to your loved ones. This way, you can give them a sweet treat they are bound to enjoy while catering to their specific diet.

vegan dessert gifts

Vegan Gourmet Popcorn

We all know that popcorn itself is vegan, so nothing needs to change there. However, if you want plain popcorn then it’s easier to just pop some kernels yourself. But what is the fun in that? No one really sees plain popcorn as a treat. No, the special gift-worthy popcorn is that with rich, delicious toppings. Caramel popcorn? Now that is a delicacy. However, classic caramel tends to have butter and milk. The solution? Our tantalizing vegan caramel gourmet popcorn. We have developed it in such a way that the taste is indistinguishable from that of our regular caramel popcorn. We want those under vegan dietary restrictions to be able to enjoy the silky taste of caramel over their gourmet popcorn. Now that is an ideal vegan dessert gift.

Vegan Chocolate Treats

Chocolate suffers from the same issue as caramel. It usually contains some sort of dairy product that keeps it from being vegan. Don’t worry, though, because that doesn’t stop us here at Malibu Gift. We know just how much you wish to enjoy the sweet, rich taste of chocolate. Who doesn’t enjoy the undeniable decadence of a dark chocolate truffle, after all? We have a wide array of truffles in our catalog, some of which are vegan. Our dark chocolate vegan orange vodka truffles offer the perfect valance of that sweet citrus orange flavor with the strength of vodka, all coated in luxurious dark chocolate. Meanwhile, our dark chocolate peanut butter vegan truffles have a distinct nutty flavor that gives each truffle a wonderful combination of salty and sweet tastes. Either option is sure to satisfy that guilty craving you have without having to compromise your dietary restraints.

Vegan Dessert Gifts and Accompaniments

Of course, no one likes to have dessert all by itself. Everyone knows that there are many great ways to pair up your dessert with a nice drink. What kind of drink? Well, that’s entirely up to you. Some people love to have some coffee with their dessert in order to help counter the heaviness of the meal they just ate. Others like to have some wine along with their dessert after dinner. Regardless of whether you are more of a wine or a coffee person, we at Malibu Gift have something for you. On one hand, we have our very own coffee blends, carefully crafted for our customers. At the same time, we have plenty of wine glasses and vintage accessories for wine enthusiasts to do their own palates justice.

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