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Upcoming Reasons to Give a Gift

We all know the basic occasions you’re supposed to give someone a gift. The holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, to say thank you are a few examples. These are the times that we know you’re more obligated to give a gift than ever. Because we are all very busy with our daily routine, it’s not always easy to think about giving a special thoughtful gift.  MalibuGift is here to help.  Check out our site for Gourmet Treat Gifts to Give.  Any day is a good day to give a gift.

holidays, birthdays, anniversaries

Mother’s Day 

This blog is dated April 2020 and Mother’s Day is right around the corner. Whether you’re giving your Mom a gift or any other special Mom a gift, there are plenty of gourmet favorites to choose from at   Chocolates, cookies, and wine have been popular Mother’s Day gifts forever.  Especially for Mom, the real gifts are memories.  If you can’t be right next to your Mom for Mother’s Day, send her a Gift to Give of gourmet treats.  She’ll smile with each bite 😉 

Administrative Professionals’ Day 

You don’t have to be related to someone to give them a great gift. Wednesday of the last full week of April is “Administrative Professionals’ Day”.  This is a day to celebrate the administrative workers in your life who run your business.  Alternatively, if you are an administrative worker, it’s your day to shine.  Gifts for someone like this are about showing how much you care. Clearly, you don’t want to spend tons (not appropriate) but you want to give them something that’s a noticeable token of appreciation. Chocolates or one of our gourmet luxurious treats is a great Gift to Give to show your appreciation. 

Any Day 

There is never a bad day to give someone a gift. There are some days that are more appropriate than others. For instance, when folks have bad days, getting a gift during one of those bad days creates a universal “good” moment.  MalibuGift has Gifts to Give for any occasion like, “just because”. Check out our gourmet treats online at  

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