The Ultimate Guide To Making Mother’s Day Special

Make the mom (or moms) in your life feel extra special this year by planning the perfect celebration complete with activities—and delicious gifts.

Over the past couple of years, we’ve all figured out ways to have smashing holiday celebrations at home. That’s not a bad thing; the home is an anchor for your family and a place that holds countless memories. A Mother’s Day celebration is right at home in your home!

The moms in your life have dedicated countless hours—and years—of their time to make you and other loved ones happy, safe, and comfortable. Being a mother is a round-the-clock job; when was the last time your mom got a whole day of pampering and celebration for her hard work? Give her that gift this year. Here is Malibu Gift’s ultimate guide to making Mother’s Day special; let it inspire you to go above and beyond.

Give Her the Day Off!

What sorts of chores and tasks does your mom do every day to make others’ lives easier? It’s time to reciprocate. Before her big day, discuss among your loved ones how you’ll split those chores up.

Breakfast in bed is a Mother’s Day classic. You know her favorite foods and how she likes them prepared. Whip up a tray of her favorites—eggs, sausage, coffee, whatever she loves—and start her day off right. Make sure you clean up the kitchen after cooking so her morning starts with tidy surroundings.

Ask any little ones in the family to clean up their rooms and put away any toys that are strewn about the house. If there are dirty dishes anywhere around the house, pop them in the dishwasher.

Does she have a grocery list lying around? Head to the store and do her shopping for her. She’ll enjoy the Mother’s Day pampering long after the day is done.

Show Your Gratitude

Motherhood is a challenge, and one that your mom tackles head-on every day! It is also an immensely rewarding experience. She has made special memories with each one of you. Remind her of your “greatest hits” together, so to speak.

This gesture can take a few different forms. Do you like to make movies? Capture your family members’ words of gratitude and incorporate them with treasured family photos (and videos if you have them!).

If you’re not a filmmaker, pull out the glue sticks and create a collage of your favorite photos together. When you present her with your gift, take some time to sit around and swap memories. Make her a cup of tea (or her beverage of choice) and spend an hour or two reliving your best times together.

Take Interest in Her Hobbies

What does your mom do just for herself? Moms need to escape and have their own fun, too!

If she loves to garden, offer to help her out. Spring is the best time to get that garden picture-perfect, just the way she likes it. Before her big day, get to know what sorts of plants she likes and head to the garden store. Be prepared to get a little dirty as you help her create the perfect garden.

Some moms like to bake. Others love arts and crafts. Or video games. Or Scrabble. Whatever brings her joy, take an interest in it, even if it’s not necessarily your thing. She’ll appreciate how dedicated you are to her happiness. (Plus, you’ll make a new memory together to reminisce on next year.)

Treat Her With Luxury

Shower the mom (or moms) in your life with gifts they wouldn’t think to buy for themselves. Flowers are a classic choice and will fill her space with bright color and pleasant scents, but consider a gift with a little more use.

Does she love jewelry? Skip the diamond earrings this time around; they’ve been done so many times before. Go for a silver or gold locket with her favorite family photo inside. Some lockets even unfold like accordions, so you can slip in more individual photos of the kids.

If you’re unsure of how to top off her special day, luxury chocolates and other candies are guaranteed to get a smile. There are all kinds of luxury candy gifts available from Malibu Gift, each one filled with artisan ingredients and highly skilled confectionery. Chocolates, toffee, s’mores, cookies—whatever satisfies her sweet tooth, we’ve got you covered.

Get the Kids Involved

Has the mom in your life got younger ones running around? Instill in them the importance of Mother’s Day by incorporating them into the planning and celebration. This is a perfect time for them to practice tidying up!

Mothers cherish their children’s hard work, whether it’s through thoughtful chores, a cake they baked themselves, or an old-fashioned macaroni necklace. Encourage the kids to make a gift for Mom, rather than scrawl “Happy Mother’s Day” onto a card and be done with it.

Break out the art supplies! An original painting has a welcome place in a frame on her wall. Maybe that wall will even turn into an art gallery showcasing how talented her kids are. Handmade gifts are memories that last long after the big day is done.

Extend the Celebration

Do all of these ideas sound daunting to complete in one day? Try starting the festivities on Saturday. You and your family can get some preliminary shopping done, and mom will enjoy two whole days of the royal treatment.

During her special weekend, do everything you can to make her life easier going forward. If you do some grocery shopping and meal prep for her, she’ll have more free time for the rest of the week. Clean and vacuum the house on Saturday, and she’ll enjoy it on Sunday and for days to come. Don’t forget laundry, either! Get her chores done and let her focus on herself for a while.

Edible gifts are a perfect way to keep her Mother’s Day celebration going into Monday and beyond. Every bite she takes of her gourmet chocolates or fruit basket, she’ll remember how thoughtful and considerate you are.

This Mother’s Day, go above and beyond with your celebration. Treat mom like the queen she is, and don’t let that magic fall away come Monday. Let our ultimate guide to making Mother’s Day special inspire you to show the mom (or moms) in your life just how important they are to you.

The Ultimate Guide To Making Mother’s Day Special
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